An approach to MVP/MVI using RxJava 2 & Dagger 2 (Part 2 of 2— One chain of events)
Frederico Sabino

Great article! I implemented a very similar architecture, only I used both a PublishSubject (like you) and a BehaviourSubject on the other end, like this.

disposable = uiEvents.compose(transformer).subscribe(uiModelBehaviourSubject)

I save this subscription and clear it on onCleared(), which makes me wonder, in your approach, shouldn’t you be doing something like?:

val disposable: Disposable? = null
val uiModelObservable: Observable<MainActivityUiModel> = uiEvents.compose(transformer).replay(1).autoConnect(0, { disposable = it })
override fun onCleared() {

I’m not an expert in RxJava this is genuine question.

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