I Guess It’s 2016 Now

To those of us that utilize a calendar which recently advanced a year I welcome you to 2015 2016! It’s a magical time of new possibilities, an opportunity for the human state to take all those poor choices we made upwards of twelve months ago and stuff them deep under the decorative rug of regret with the promise that the thirtieth(ish) time is the charm.

I became aware of a thing where we’re apparently picking a single word resolution. It’s all on the Twitter waiting to be pinned to your cyberdigital communo-fridge so that you may look at it and shrug nonchalantly as the synths tear down your apartment walls with their immaculate plastochine teeth. One merely need connect to the band #oneword2016 to measure up your futility to the masses that surround us.

Me? If I had to narrow my plan for this year it would have to be “recreate”.

The past few years have been a real force of change in my life. Many of those changes have been pretty awful, all told, but I’ve managed to find nuggets of positivity buried deep in the smoldering rubble. Where I found pockets of painful trauma bursting to stimuli like a ripe sebaceous cyst I also discovered new ways to focus my energy day to day. When my art started to become a “used to” part of my life writing started to fill the void. 2015 was largely a transformative year, a black cocoon in which I writhed and screamed in my own acrid juices. I’m not sure if the monster inside is fully formed just yet, but some wires are starting to poke through the gossamer. They’re still weak, but sparking. Don’t touch! Ask an adult before approaching an emergent neo-cyborg owlmothbear.

But yes. Recreate. It’s a word. It’s technically several concepts. I never said I was a good writer. I just think words and then put words. I’m a word putter. Just listen, man. With my creative focus shifting from that which is a thousand words to just words I aim to create again in a new way. I wish to bring laughter and emotion and imagination to those who brave my word count, be it paltry or obese, and I hope to find a foothold in my own sea of insecurity. I want to find a place inside myself where I can look at the pages I have typed and go “Yeah. That was pretty good!”

I also aim to engage in more recreation. Eh? See what I did there? For a person who is pretty god awful at being productive I sure have a bug up my butt about having a good time. So often when I’m trying to do something fun like play a video game or read a book I have this creature laying about my cranial folds constantly prodding me to stop. I don’t deserve to have a good time because of this. I can’t have fun right now because that. I suppose that’s a deeper anthropomorphication of depression, the gray void between being unproductive and having no leisure. It sucks though and I want it to go away. I have a mountain of beautiful games on Steam, many of which are gifts, that I want to enjoy damnit. Let me enjoy them, dumb brain!

So that’s what’s up this year. I’m recreating myself. Where I hang up sketchbook I pick up the keyboard. I cut back on the endless social grind games and focus on tackling my enormous backlog of interactive stories.

Oh yeah and I’m trying to lose weight and, you know, love my family more. Priorities.

Hey, here’s some stuff to look at this week!

  • Read Only Memories is a game I started playing this weekend. It’s a cyberpunk point and click adventure in the style of Shadowgate or Snatcher with some fantastic animation and art design. It also frequently sounds like a Sega Genesis game. It’s almost like it was made for me.
  • The husbando and I started playing Her Story. How Long To Beat pegs this game at 4 hours for completionists. We’ve clocked over 5 hours and we’re barely a third of the way through the content. This is a single player game for two, enjoyed best with a partner obsessed with true crime who also happens to have a taste for note-taking.
  • Galak-Z is a roguelike that came highly recommended from thetastemakers at Giant Bomb dot com. I’m not entirely sold as to it’s long-term appeal, as it is pretty much 5 separate campaigns that also progress in a linear fashion. It makes me wonder if, when I reach the final tier of stages, if there is any point at all of returning to the earlier ones or if I’m just done at that point. Thankfully I’m not worried too much about that stuff right now because it’s oozing with STYYYYYLLLLLLE.
  • What a delightful surprise! Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 began this morning! Come the end of the week I’ll have almost 175 more hours of speedruns to watch over the next several months. Hooray for nerd entertainment!
  • Have some hopeful music for the start of a new year: Hopes And Dreams/Save The World from Undertale
  • It’s time for puppets.
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