hello! I know, it is out of subject, but I work in an average company .
Jeanne Hebuterne

Sorry to stick my nose in your answer but some how reflected my story.

since 2013 I was working at a company and I was not happy at all. I’m a computer engineer and worked there as an Import & Export Coordinator!

more than 2.5 years and I was struggling and feeling empty everyday, but I kept exercising and thinking about my passion. then I just jumped of the boat (company). I left my job and focused in my freelancing job which was 4 years old but still small.

Luckily, after 9 months since I quit I feel awesome everyday, the journey was bad, I had a lot of problems and a lot of unconsidered shit, but here I’m coping everything bad & fighting for my dream.

You are going to live once, forget about what people thinks and focus on your self, your goals and your life only. listen to all the people, but consider the logical parts only, cuz people only knows how to talk, and they will always talk btw.

I wish you a good luck, but prepared & keep in mind that it’s not going to be easy, but If it was easy, everyone was going to do it ;)

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