6 Simple Ways To Get More People To Read Your MEDIUM Posts:

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Feb 17, 2016 · 7 min read

And other tricks to make them want to read more..

So you have an idea or a Story you want to share with the world, and you want as many people as possible to read it. Am I correct? …

Well, Here’s the thing, most people think that ideas practically sell themselves. But actually, it’s quite the opposite.

“Ideas DON’T sell themselves.”

People sell them. So if you want to attract as many people as possible to read something or listen to what you have to say, then you need to pay attention to two things:

  • Delivery.
  • Content

Delivery: Is the way you present the idea, thought, or story. It’s the front face of the article, book, or whatever.. It’s what attracts people and what gets them through the door.

And that’s exactly what You want to do. You want to attract people toward you, NOT away from you..

And here’s how I’m going to help you achieve that:

But first, I want you to acknowledge that you are not just “the writer”, you’re the reader too. So when I ask you, “What catches your attention in Medium?”, you should know what does. …

You… ……You don’t? ….

Well, I guess that’s why I’m here,

Here are tricks to attract people’s attention:

Almost all of the time, the thing that stops people from scrolling down pass endless articles is an INTERESTING PICTURE.

It’s a pretty (half-naked) blonde mermaid on her laptop floating underwater. ..”What’s Not To Catch Your Interest!?

The front face of each article in Medium are: The Picture, The main title and The first few words of the first paragraph. So, you are only allowed to show these couple of words to make people WANT to read the whole article.

And that’s a damn hard thing to do..

“So, what’s an easier way to do that?” … well, here’s the answer,

If a picture worths a thousand word, why not put a thousand word on the front face of your article?…

Well then you tell me, “What’s the big secret? All people use pictures in their posts.” And that’s where I agree with you. BUT, most of them don’t use Interesting Pictures.

For example, How different would this post be if I used this picture instead,

It’s Boring, Dull, Passive, and there’re so many things wrong with it..

You want the complete opposite.

It should be Active. Urgent. Colorful. Weird. And Interesting. Finally and most importantly, it’s something that would catch YOUR attention.

“So, pick a good pic!”

see what I did there? No? ….. ok, moving on

The title is what makes them want to click and read more about your topic. So it better be something interesting. People don’t want to hear about “Penguins lives through the harsh winter”. Actually… I do. (but you get what i mean).

People want a title that speak to them and say, “Click me, I’m gonna help you with something in your life”. Because that’s what people want. They want you to tell them the


or tell them

“How to get over a break up in just 3 easy steps:”

or “How to make a lot of money in NO TIME: “

I’d click on these links in a heartbeat. …Why? ….. because I’m fat, broke, and broken. (Not really) BUT I COULD BE! Hence the white-lie examples I used.

— That’s what people want, they want you to inform them. Teach them a thing or two. Or help them with something tough.

“Because all people do, is try to make themselves or their lives better.

And that’s why you are here in Medium.

It’s your duty as a writer to help them in any way possible.

“So your title better be for people or about them!”

Here’s a lesson I learned from most common advertisements.

  • DON’T SAY, “I found a way to organize my day with my phone yesterday when I was eating.”
  • Instead, Say:

“Wouldn’t you want to organize your life with a simple touch using this great new app?”


“Here’s an app that takes care of all of your appointments & daily tasks, and make your life much easier.”

You have to SELL your ideas in Medium, and the best way you can do that is to make it about people. Don’t say “I did this and that”. SAY, “You can experience this and that.” … why?… Because the viewer wants to learn something FOR himself. Not about you..

  • Let’s say you really want to tell a personal story about yourself and your horrible experience at a night club.

Don’t say, “I went there, i did this, and this happened, and then this happened…”

Start with something like,

“Don’t make the same mistake I did when you go to a NIGHT CLUB.”

See how that changed everything? ..The perspective? To other people?..

You can ALWAYS make any personal story about others if you told them what they can learn from the experience and how they can take caution so they don’t end up doing the same thing you did.

  • By the way, It could be a HAPPY story too.

But don’t write, “I went to Disney land and did this and this and that, and it was amazing.”

No, you should start with something like,

“Here’s how YOU can maximize your trip to Disney Land with these simple (but essential) Tricks:”

Last point,

See how I casually added the last sentence in my post: “And other tricks to make people want to read more…” ,

Thats called a Hook. Or The Cliffhanger..

Sometimes, when people scroll down searching for good articles to read, and a Picture catches their attention, and the title reads: “10 Lessons LIFE Hasn’t Taught Me”, And they want to read the article, but they just don’t have the time, simply because their wives are expecting them to get the groceries, or bring the kid from daycare (or whatever..)

What they need is just a little push that incites their curiosity….

And that’s why you should add that last seductive sentence that makes them think, “..I need to read this! I HAVE TO READ IT..”

And it could be as simple as…

“And other reasons why YOU SHOULD DO TOO: …”


“And other tricks to make them say ‘YES’ …”

It’s like dangling the carrot in front of their eyes.. and all what they have to do is click at your link to get it!

Understand? ……Ok, Good .

  • Content: The written texts that keeps them reading for more.

Here are the tricks to KEEP people’s attention:

I’m a reader, As much as I am a writer. I’ve been reading all my life, and I think you have been too. So I believe when you are reading something, (Anything)… You are looking for something specific, Infos of some sort. Most people call it The Gist.

“Readers are gold miners, we search the dirty mines just to find that piece of pure golden essence.”

It’s that Idea, thought, or knowledge you just learn. — That eye-opening sentence (or passage) you have been looking for. It’s the reason why you started reading that piece in your hand. Because you were looking for “IT”…

So, When you start writing your next piece, I want you to write just that “IT”. …..”Why?”…...… Because people don’t want to waste their time reading blocks of nothingness just to reach *something* worth reading. Your goal as a writer should be turning everything you write to something worth reading. Either because it’s knowledgeable, informative, or beneficial. Otherwise, “why would you write it?”.. People won’t read it if they won’t get anything from it…

“So please don’t write empty rubbish, write pure Gold!”

Again, when people read anything, they don’t want to sit there reading a sentence a hundred time and not understand the complexity of your topic, Or wonder, “What does he mean?…”

Because here’s the truth, ..People don’t want to exhaust themselves by thinking and overthinking. They want you to deliver “IT” on a silver spoon, with a cherry on top. They DON’T want you to throw the whole plate at their faces. Think about it, How will they be able to digest what you’re saying?..

Albert Einstein once said,

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, You don’t understand it yourself.” — My man Albert

So if you can’t do that, then you’re not knowledgeable in that topic as much as you thought you were… And if you WERE knowledgeable about your subject, Then you should never make it complex.

“So please, for the love of God, Make it Simple!”

::: Here are simple tricks to make them want to read more:

  1. Talk WITH them, don’t write TO them. If it sounds like writing, erase it!
  2. Don’t write long paragraphs. It scares them. Keep them short — three or four sentences at most! …. Remember, empty space is your friend!
  3. Break your ideas to pieces. Put them in intriguing Subheadings.
  4. Use numbers and bullet-points! It keeps them moving smoothly through the rest of your content.
  5. Use exclamation marks!!! Bold. CAPS, and Italic! — It keeps them engaged ...(but not too much. i may have overdone it lol)
  6. Write about interesting topics! .. I know i know (..”Duh!”)
  7. Keep it about them. The people. Or they won’t care and Leave.
  8. Be funny, but don’t try to be funny. If you can’t, then just be fun to read. :D


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Peace! ♥️✌🏼

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