“Most Scientists Are Parrots.”

A Short Read.

Most scientists today aren’t intellectuals, They’re just informative parrots. … Data collectors. ..Human hard-drives.

It takes a true intellectual to go up the stream *against* incomplete / flawed evidence to prove something even better..

Many scientists thought the Earth was flat, and they had their own “strong” evidences.

Eratosthenes proved it otherwise.

Most scientists thought Gravity doesn’t exist, with flawed evidence in mind.

But Newton proved them wrong.

Most scientists said Einstein’s General relativity is scientifically inaccurate,

Until he proved it otherwise.

All those scientists I mentioned are TRUE intellectuals..

They went *against* the stream of informative knowledge and the known scientific recorded data, and proved it wrong with *intellectual reasoning* and Logic.


They didn’t just gulp down all the things their teachers and ideals told them to believe,

They thought, “wait a minute.. No, that doesn’t add up.”

..and pursued a life mission to change or discover something new and great. (Even better than they could ever imagined..)

Not everyone is like that, most of the students setting next to Newton and Einstein were parrots, Data-collectors, not intellectual thinkers.. Till they lived and died ...


Because not anyone is that intellectually skeptical, …

It takes a true intellectual, to not be a sheep among other sheep of scientists & learners.

And most importantly,

It takes a true intellectual ….to not be a sheep of the spoon-fed “Informative Science.”

“So go against the masters, Prove them wrong, Make the Truth round again.. The whole world could be wrong, like they were wrong about the flat Earth years ago.”

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