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The Speed of Light & Time Travel:

The Two Valid, But Contradicting Theories

By Two of The Greatest Scientists, Stephen Hawking & Albert Einstein.

There are two famous theories to (the speed of light) Time Travel that are very convincing, yet very contradictory…

These Two Theories State The Following:

  1. “If you accelerated to the speed of light, Time will slowly slow down, Stop, and then you’ll start going back in time. (For you only)”

2. “If you accelerated near the speed of light, time else where will fly by so fast and you’ll travel to the future.”

  • Albert Einstein, Stephen hawking, and I believe the second theory.

The first theory goes like this:

For example,

If you ran near the speed of light around a tree, time will slow down to a complete stop. And if you accelerated till the speed of light. At some point, you’ll start catching up to your previous self, and you’ll start seeing your past self running in front of you.

This is how you’ll look like to other people (very fast):

As you can see, you’ll be able to run so fast and catch up to previous version of yourself, you’ll actually see your past self running in front of you around that tree,

This is how it will look like, The LAST ONE RUNNING one is your current/present self, catching up and seeing your previous self running fast around the tree.

What that says is, as soon as you start running at the speed of light, time everywhere else (to you) starts to move soooo slowly, so ridiculously slow, that it would start going slightly back and then you’ll started running slightly toward your past & be able to “catch” a past state of time.

And Albert Einstein state this following statement for this *theory*:

(By the way, Einstein never said that, So please don’t believe anything you read on the internet hahaha)

(Regardless of how funny that sounds, i believe this is highly illogical to my opinion ..)

Here’s why I believe the 1st theory to be logically impossible:

The Past is NOT a physical vacuum you can “walk” into (or run really fast into), because the past is basically “Time that has gone by”, Time that went from the present state to the Past state, and like we said before, Time is just a concept, not a physical entity you can walk into. So now, the definition of the PAST is basically: “Time, A concept that has gone by” …

So, how in the world would anyone walk into a past time when Time now is just a concept? .. How will anyone walk into a concept…that no longer exist?

It’s impossible to comprehend..

“But I’m gonna try nonetheless,”

Time is a concept, and A concept is never a physical entity. So, no human will ever be able to walk back in time or back into a past concept, b/c (in my opinion) time is merely a conceptual based entity that was created by the mind so it can understand it … It’s not logical in my opinion that anyone could go back in time, time that went by, a Time that isn’t the present .. (ever...).

“The Past No Longer Exists, It’s Nothing But A Memory now. It was a present, But Now It’s Nothing But An Idea Of What It Was.”

The second theory goes like this:

For example,

If you got into a bullet train that travels near the speed of light around the earth (or around a tree), everything in the train, according to you, will go by at the natural speed, but to everyone else outside the train, they’ll see the people inside the train moving sooo ridiculously slow, while seeing the train going by really fast. And You will see everything else outside the train going by really fast (subsequently).

And as you can see, you won’t be able to see the train from out side because it turned to (the speed of) Light. It’s so fast that it is existent at every point along the way around the earth, (it’s in China, America, India, Russia all at the same time). But let’s say if you CAN see the people inside the train somehow, What you’ll see inside the train, is the people moving in slow motion… While they, subsequently, will see you all moving ridiculously fast!

Stephen Hawking explains all this more clearly in a 5 min Video:

Here’s why I believe the 2nd theory to be undoubtedly more logical:

If someone moved at the speed of light in a train or on foot. Time will start going by soooooo slowly to that person. It will go by so slow that it would seem that time has stopped, and he would see time frozen everywhere else and think that Time truly is at a complete stop. But no matter how fast he goes, time will never completely stop to him because of the law of relativity, everything in the world will function relative to everything else and there will not be any change in laws between two entities. Thats why Time will always keep going by (to you) no matter how fast you run, it will just go by soooooo (ridiculously) slow that it would seem to him that time is frozen in space, but it’s Not..

Let’s explain this theory using Hawking Bullet Train,

If you were the one setting in that train and you were accelerating at the speed of light, you will not feel anything different!

The reason why that is can be explained by the “Fly Effect”.

If a tiny fly flew to the inside of a car, and then the car started moving incredibly fast. The fly will not feel the car moving at all, or at least, it won’t feel the car moving that fast . It will be like nothing has changed for it, but to other flys looking from outside in, they’ll see the fly going by in front of them really fast at the speed of the car, even if the fly was standing completely still.. Time will go by for the fly at the natural speed.

That’s the same perspective when it comes to you and the train. You’ll stay still in your seat drinking your coffee the usual speed you always do, while other people outside will see the train flying like a bullet, and your tea cup moving at the speed of the bullet train, Not falling or spilling everwhere, And they’ll see You moving in slow motion. And even if you break the speed of light (which is impossible), you will not feel any change at all, you will feel the days inside the train going by the usual speed, even though the outside world had already advanced thousands of years into the future, you will not feel any change, you could live in that train your whole life and you won’t be immortal because you’ll die after 20–40 years in that train, (20,000,000,000 years according to the outside world.) but you’ll never truly be “immortal”.

Your biological clock will still keep clicking, even if you think the outside world is nearly frozen in time. ….. YOU will not be frozen in time, and Time will still affect you slowly until you die, no matter how fast your speed is.

And the evidence of that is the other people sitting in the train, they are changing slowly, time affeting them as they age, and they will feel it the way they always have.

  • They’re not immortal, you are not immortal, and they will all die sooner or later.

And just because someone lives for 20 billion years inside a Light Speed Train, doesn’t mean they’re immortal, it will come a time when they will die, Just much later than other people, the people outside the train. :)

I know that might seem hard to understand, but think of it this way,

You’ll never truly be immortal, just the closest thing to such a concept, because after years go by, you’ll die, and by billions of earthly years, your body inside that magical train will age till a complete decay, Which yields the conclusion that you’re not immortal, and you’ll never be with such a finite body. Because Immortality mean living forever.
…….. & The key word here is “forever”. . . .

And that’s why man can never be immortal. Not even the speed of light can make it so.. Our bodies are batteries that are designed to eventually parish.. The only way for us to be immortal, is to move to an infinite body, a body that does not die.



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