Why “UGLY” Does NOT Exist.

Challenging Ideas On How The Illusion Of Ugliness Is Actually Perceived..

The title might sound philosophically controversial. And perhaps it is. But hear me out before you start rejecting this idea.

“What do you mean ugliness does not exist??”..

Let’s start with the first thing:

The Definition.

What is “Ugly”?, and what might seem “ugly” to the human eyes?


-: very unattractive or unpleasant to look at; offensive to the sense of beauty, displeasing in appearance.

Now, Let’s look to what it gets applied to:

  • For most people the meaning of Ugly is everything that is unusual, gross, or disgusting and at the same time does not produce pleasantness when looking at it. Like for example, a homophobic would think that the definition of ugliness is seeing two guys making out; like, that would be the worst thing his eyes could see. However, For a gay man, that would seem to be like true Beauty to him, seeing two guys going at it. ….
  • Another example would be …. …Fish! Some people think that fishes are really ugly (& stupid). But to an Ichthyologist, someone who studies unique types of fishes and other types of sea creatures, they would not just seem beautiful, but he would also finds them utterly fascinating..
  • Let’s see what else might seem “ugly” …. Hmmm…… Oh, yeah, Feet! I think feet are ugly …(however contradicting that might seem to the topic, but I’m trying to prove a point) and that’s my opinion. But to another guy, with feet fetishes, they would appear attractively beautiful to his eyes, and in some cases, even sexually arousing.. ….
  • Another last example would be …... Worms…. , cockroaches, lizards, and other crawly things. Most people would think those to be absolutely gross and disgusting!
”very unpleasant to look at; and offensive to the sense of beauty.“

“Hmmm. . . . Why is that? . . . ”

Well, Like I said before, and let me quote myself, I wrote, “I think that feet are ugly and that’s my personal opinion”. It seems, almost always, that Ugliness is merely an opinion or a personal preference..

YOU might find a girl “Ugly”, But to another guy, she could be the most beautiful thing his eyes ever saw.

— I knew an ugly fella on a personal level. He got married a couple of weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because of his personality either. (that fella is me by the way), and yet, someone else came and found us beautiful …

Again and again, Time just keeps proving me right, That

“Ugly, is always a matter of Opinion.”

If you thought about it, there’s no such thing as “Universally Ugly”. You can never find something to be a Universal Ugliness. And If you found something you thought was ugly. Someone else will find it beautiful… And If someone found anything displeasing in appearance, you might find it pleasantly appealing . . .

It’s always a matter of opinion, not a solid fact.
  • I could have an opinion that Vampires and Dragons do exist! But that doesn’t make them exist just because of my opinion…
  • You could have an opinion that something is ugly! But that doesn’t make it so (either) just because of your opinion …
“UGLY, is an Opinion. And Never A Fact.”

Let’s take Poop! for example,

(And excuse me for using such an example, but I’m making a point)

. . .Most people find poop gross and unpleasant to look at. But I swear, I knew a fella who finds “Two Girls, One Cup” sexually and pleasantly appealing, (that fella is not me btw) I swear to God. There are people out there who find “two girls eating poop” a pleasant thing to watch, and you can find some of them in the comment section if you looked closely. —

(Hmmm…. What does that mean?..)

Well, Plato once said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

and I think that even goes the other way too, I think it also applies to ugliness since ugliness is a matter of opinion ……… So,

“Ugliness lies in the eyes of the beholder.” -Feras Hannawi

With the examples of opinions (on ugliness) above, I have proven that there’s no such thing as a universal ugliness, and that it’s a matter of different personal opinions. And we all know well, that opinions are NOT facts. And because they aren’t, That means-

“Everything that seems ugly, can also be beautiful. . . Because what is thought to be Ugly, is not, and never will be absolute.”

And By the way, when I say “Ugliness”, I also mean the inner ugliness included, Not just the visible aspect of it.

  • In a person for example, the illusion of ugliness could appear in his personality, his attitude, and the things he have done.

Let me give an example of two opposite men from history so you can understand my point better:

1st. Jesus Christ,

God’s prophet, the most loved man in the world. Not because of his looks, but because of his pure soul. He was the kindest, and i bet he was a pleasure to be around because of his beautiful personality.

-But did you know what he was before he was the beautiful soul he is thought to be now?

— - He was hated, He was the ugliest soul (to the ancient Jews) that they even crossified him for it, for his personality and beliefs. (Not for his looks).

The most pleasant man to be with, was the most unpleasant to be around, (according to the Jewish history)..

The opposite example is,

2nd. Hitler,

The most hated man in the world. (NOT because of his looks or his square mustache), but because of his actions, beliefs, and deeds.

-YET, he was the most beloved man by his other fellow men, and his wife; AND himself included. He thought he was doing something Good..

The most hated man in history, was also one of the most beloved men in his time. (..Before everything went south of course)

Hopefully, now you can see by the two examples, that the most (internally) beautiful man in history was thought to be the most internally ugly, And the most (internally ugly) man in history, was though to be one of the most internally beautiful (to those who liked his idealism) ...

So hopefully you can see that, even “inner ugliness” in a character is also subjected different opinions.

  • I might think that my Ex has the ugliest soul ever.. Yet, someone else could come and find her internally beautiful. (Like Hitler’s wife. She truly believed he was a great/beautiful leader.)
  • You could think that I have the ugliest personality ever. Yet, someone else comes and finds my character quiet beautiful & charismatic…

That means that,

“Even *internal* ugliness is not factual. But a mere Opinion. And no matter how common that opinion is, it will never be absolute.”
And if you think that there is a universal *internal* ugliness, then think again. There are still people out there who still think that Hitler was a beautiful leader, and what he did was a beautiful thing.(Antisemitics. Neo-Nazism)
And there are literally hundreds of people out there who think that The Devil is internally beautiful, and they worship him.
(Devil worshipers. Satanism)

So that means, there’s no such thing as a known/agreed upon “internal universal ugliness”

Well, then you ask me,

Okay, maybe visual & internal ugliness are just people’s opinions, but that doesn’t mean that "Ugly" does NOT EXIST?” …..

... (…..Glad you asked ..)

Let me tell you what I think. . . . . Or more precisely, How I think . . .

I believe that ugliness is merely an illusion. An optical one like all visual illusions. Made by the mind to fool the mind. (Now, that might sound awfully philosophical, and perhaps it is. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not logical or true…)

The illusion of ugliness is a (compare-and-contrast) trick done by the mind to differentiate between two things or more, So you can be able to say that something is better than something else. Or on a more basic level, that one thing is more appealing (to the eye) than another.

For example, “That girl is beautiful!”. It’s the first thing we say when we hit puberty…, “this girl is hot, that girl is ugly.” or, “that girl is ugly compared to this one.” (& other countless phrases)

  • Before the age of 9, we can’t tell if one girl is more beautiful/hotter than another. Our innocence minds still hasn’t development to acknowledge visual judging; lies, deception, and many other things, because our minds are still evolving.. They form after we hit puberty.

Let’s put this to test, shall we?

See this pretty girl? . . .

(A beautiful girl with bad glasses)

I truly believe she’s beautiful, and I think you believe she’s beautiful too

But, see now how she will look like when we compare her to a higher degree of beauty..

We IMMEDIATELY think that the girl on the right is BEAUTIFUL, and the other one is UGLY ..

  • The reason why that happens is because when we quickly compare between two beauties that vary greatly in degrees, we immediately go to the conclusion that one is BEAUTIFUL, and the other one is NOT. When in fact, One is beautiful, and the other one is (more) beautiful.
”There’s no such thing as Ugly, only the opinion of a diseases mind.”

Here’s an advice you heard a lot:

Don’t compare your life to others.

Now, Here’s an advice you never heard before:

If you want to compare between two things, never compare the lower one to the higher, because you’ll always be disappointed. Instead, compare the higher to the lower ones, that way you learn appreciation. Or, compare each one separately to itself. That way you learn to appreciate each thing for its own .. & its own only.

For example, if you’re living a beautiful life, with a wife, and a kid and a dog. Then don’t compare it to a celebrity’s happy life with his beautiful model, kids, money, fame, and fans… ….Cuz you’ll just be disappointed..

It doesn’t mean that your life is ugly. Your life IS Beautiful! (but maybe not as much as his :)

Okay, So then you tell me,

well… In that case, there’s no such thing as Beauty either, because there isn’t anything that is *universally beautiful* either.…

. . . .Well . . . . , that’s not quite right or accurate..

Here’s why that statement is invalid,

  • There are many things that are beautiful, or at least pleasantly appealing to all eyes...

Here are just a few examples of what I think is *Universally Beautiful* or at least pleasant to look at :



Young kids


And this happy little guy

(I know you just smiled)


(one of the most beautiful creatures on earth)

Kate Upton*

(Also one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Don’t judge me)





Sunrises & Sunsets

The clouds . . .

The Earth

The Universe.

And millions of other beautiful things that are pleasant to look at . . .

Well, then why Beauty exists and Ugliness does not? Isn’t the existence of one supposed to include the other? Like Good, and Evil?

….Well….... That’s partially right, to some aspects. But not always.

“The existence of Beauty excludes any form of ugliness.”

…... “How so?!” ….

Well . . . Think of it this way, The illusion of ugliness is the side affect illusion for the existence of beauty.

Let me do my best with this example using light and darkness so you can understand my point better,

**Assume that Light is Beauty..** **And Darkness is Ugliness.**



The Light(beauty) exists >>>making>>>> Darkness (or shadows) co-exists subsequently.

— Let’s stop here for a second so we can define what Dark is, and what Shadow is, so we can understand better.

Darkness: is the absence of light.

; Or, the absence of light particles, (which is never the case).

Shadow: is the presence of minimal light that only forms when a light hits an object.

If of you turned on a lightbulb, (Let’s call that bulb “The Sun”) and then, its light shined on an object. (Let’s call the object “The Earth”).

You’ll find that most of the “darkness” that we encounter our whole life, is actually a lie, and is actually based on just a big shadow that extends from on point on earth’s surface till another at the other half of the planet.

And that big shadow(minimal light/minimal beauty) we sometimes call Dark, is actually an illusion; because it’s just a big shadow with very very very minimal lighting. In fact, it’s never pitch black darkness anywhere. Because rays of lights still exists almost everywhere in the universe, and it goes through everything (even planets like our earth, heating up its surface ever so slightly). And don’t forget the incredible speed that Light takes to travel from one edge on the universe till the other. And these speeding light particles practically exist everywhere..

Even the outer space we think is “dark”, is not .. There are millions and millions of burning suns and stars that shine its light across a wide range of countless galaxies. And even though sometimes their light weakens from the million years distances, their (un-seen) light particles still keeps going. . . . .

People call it “Dark”, when in fact, it’s just very minimal lighting..
“People call it “ugly”, when in fact it’s just minimal beauty. …”

Even when you’re swimming in the middle of a dark ocean at night. You’d think that it’s a pitch-black darkness, so dark that you can’t even see your own hands. ..It’s actually just really shadowy. ….. You forget that there are stars and a moon that shine its dim light upon you.

So it’s never truly “Dark”. And it will never be “dark” since there are sources of light that exist. And there will never be “Ugly”, since a source of beauty (God/Nature) that exists.

  • Whenever you’re sitting in a place you think is dark, please sit there for a couple of hours more, and you’ll start to feel your eyes adjusting to the minimal lighting, and you’ll be able to (somewhat) see . . . .

“why is that?” ..you’re wondering? . . . . . . well . .

Because your eyes need strong light to reflect the object on its Cornea to be able to see that object, and when you give it very minimal lighting, you’re not giving it much to work with, that’s why you have to wait for a while until your eyes starts to adjust to the faint light (particles) in the dark room.

When light doesn’t exist much in a place, an illusion of Darkness gets created on that place, leaving a faint shadow of what seems to be “dark”. In Reality, that is NOT true darkness, because there ARE light particles, but not enough light particles to be called “Bright!”, OR instinctively recognize as a *Bright place*.

When beauty doesn’t exist much in a place, an illusion of “ugliness” gets created on that place, leaving a faint shadow of what seems to be “ugly”. In Reality, it is NOT true ugliness, because there IS minimal beauty, but not enough beauty to be called “Beautiful!”, OR instinctively recognize as a *Beautiful thing*.

(sorry for confusing explanation)

Take this place for example.

(Less light/beauty to the ordinary eye)

It’s a snowy day in a forest during winter.

Now take this picture for a second example.

(More light/beauty. Affirmative beauty to the common eye)

This is virtually the same picture (with a higher beauty) on the same place on earth during spring.




When we compare the two —

Some of us tend to think that one is more beautiful than the other, most of us would think that one is beautiful and the other one is ugly ….. When in fact, they are just different kinds of beauty. . .

Now let’s leave the example of light & darkness and just apply their idea to everyday beauty..

When we see something and acknowledge it to be somewhat pleasing to the eyes,

And then see something else that is absolutely beautiful and pleasurable to our eyes,

Our minds quickly play “compare & contrast” and starts comparing the

two natural views,

and after we see how one view is extraordinarily more beautiful than the other,

  1. We get used to the view with the least beauty incredible fast..
  2. Then, we find its appearance a normal/ordinary one.
  3. After a while, we eventually find it “ugly”. Because it’s not near as beautiful as the things we saw. So, when we see that fish the next time, We quickly include the thought that it’s “an ugly thing” without going through the amazement we first felt the very first time we saw it. . .(That’s why 1st impressions are important)

It’s like the difference between falling in love (at first sight) with a girl you saw in public, and seeing her at the age of 70 giving birth to your 5th son, and you’re thinking “…..who’s that ugly rag?..” lol

Sorry but It’s true….. ….We get used to Beauty…

….Some beauties faster than others.

Here’s a thought,

if you were born & raised your whole life in an ugly place, you wouldn’t think much of it, you’d think that some of those ugly things to be remarkably beautiful!, because you’d have compared it to the other truly ugly things and concluded that it’s a beautiful thing, or at least more beautiful compared to the other ugly things. And the reason why that is, is because your standards of Beauty is lower than most people. So low that you see ugly things beautiful too”. .

And that’s the best prospective, because the modesty of one’s eyes finds beauty in everything..

However, “if you were born & raised your whole life in a beautiful place, you wouldn’t think much of it. You’d think that some of those beautiful things to be remarkably ugly, (…why?…) because you’d have compared it to the other extraordinary things you have seen and concluded that it’s an ugly thing, or at least more ugly compared to the other truly beautiful things. And the reason why that is, is because your standards of Beauty is higher than most people.”

And that’s the worst prospective view, because in such a case, your eyes would only see exceptional kinds of beauties; and rarely find contentment or beauty in anything ordinary or normal. …… … 😕

(Such a sad thing indeed . . )

So if you’re going to leave from here with anything… Leave with this,

“All God’s creations are beautiful. The Earth, The Universe, Man , Animals, Objects and Elements, Are all beautiful by the mind that sees. Because God is beautiful, & he only creates Beauty. Different kinds & degrees of it. Beauties we can’t comprehend with our prejudice minds. Like Man, the most flawed & imperfect beauty there is. Can still be, and still is, as beautiful as he sets himself to be.” . . .

So love ALL of yourself,

.. “Cuz You Are Beautiful.”


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