A Life-changing read.

The problem with the modern definition of science is one of those none-apparent problems that infiltrate the subconscious mind and quite literally narrows his logical reasoning and search for truth. Regardless of how self-contradictory to common sense this may sound, let me first explain my position. The problem with Science…

A Short Read.

Most scientists today aren’t intellectuals, They’re just informative parrots. … Data collectors. ..Human hard-drives.

It takes a true intellectual to go up the stream *against* incomplete / flawed evidence to prove something even better..

Many scientists thought the Earth was flat, and they had their own “strong”…

Challenging Ideas On How The Illusion Of Ugliness Is Actually Perceived..

The title might sound philosophically controversial. And perhaps it is. But hear me out before you start rejecting this idea.

“What do you mean ugliness does not exist??”..

Let’s start with the first thing:

The Definition.

What is “Ugly”?, and what…

Logical Writer

Topics: Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, and Theistic Apologetics.

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