10 things I can do one handed

For those who didn’t read my first blog, I have broken my right hand. And I have to admit now that it was self inflicted. I let the stress of recent weeks, and the last year, get the better of me. While arguing with my husband I let my feelings take over. I hit a wall with the side of my hand, clipped the door frame and fractured a bone. My writing/driving /cooking etc hand. These things need to be said. I had never done it before, and will take every step to make sure it does not happen again.

Through my campaign #The Shining Mind I hope to help more people to channel their feelings better. To learn new things and have new experiences for positive mental health. To inspire people to accept their grief or depression. To do other things to help it too. See what other people are doing so well. Share their stories and find out about inspirational local people.

So. The week has been interesting. Not least because it was my daughter’s last day at her Montessori before starting school. Goodbyes. Tears. And lots of arty stuff to carry without a car or two hands.

Here is what I am able to do left handed that surprised me. That I celebrate:

  1. Cut tomatoes (bread knife).
  2. Change the loo roll. Oh by the way the head is brilliant for weighting said loo roll as you rip it. Don’t press too hard though. You may swear.
  3. Walk with a fully laden pram (precious artwork and sleeping far- too- long for- pram four year old child) for about two miles including level crossing.
  4. Enable corporate responsibility offsetting — Carry a fully laden pram (minus child) down some steps at a station with a stranger who remained on his phone the whole time and actually said “offer him 50,000, but up it to 75 if you need to.”
  5. Open bottles. Teeth rock. As do my……
  6. Thighs. For holding the spade part of a sweeper.
  7. Do an entire weekly shop.
  8. Pretend I can’t wash up pans. I’m very good at that one.
  9. Write this left handed (see below). Thank you for the challenge Davinia Fermi!
  10. Teach my six year old to do up my bra.


Breaking my hand has been a serious wake up call. It is a reminder to seek help, be healthy and take good care of myself.

If anyone wants to challenge me to do something then please comment and I will do my best! Or truly don’t and just go and watch the inspirational athletes at #London2017 #ParaAthletics instead.

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