The one handed fitness challenge #lefthandchallenge

So, as I sit here with my bra off and belly out, be safe in the knowledge that I am not a fitness fanatic. Yet.

Strictly speaking, I still have both hands. But one is broken and out of use for at least six weeks. The right, writing hand. I had to call in a stranger off the street to help me make supper yesterday. Please understand, I’m definitely NOT complaining. It was entirely my fault, and this is very VERY minor.

After the initial, childlike ‘this is a new challenge’ excitement (my inner child is ever present I’m afraid) I felt extremely sorry for myself for a fat two days. Not for the injury, but for the reason behind it. That I let my stress get to me.

I then saw this picture and thought, what is stopping me being able to at least try to do that? One broken hand yes. But when I’m better? Nothing. So there is nothing stopping me feeling good about myself too. Only I have that control and power.

How did I break my hand? Well here it is. In short, one word, sentence form. It’s too embarrassing for more:

Stress. Skint. Argue. Husband. Me. Cross. Arm. Bang. Wall. Whoops. Door. Frame. Corner. Ouch.

So now I’m The Shining Mind case study and CEO.

I’m on the path to a calmer, happier, learning filled, fun-loving life. I’m already on that path actually, with help from a fantastic life coach, change of mindset, healthy eating and daily beautiful walks. Lifestyle tweeks really. And now I’m ready to get fit. But definitely always ready to keep learning. Because learning is joy.

This will be a Summer full of memories to treasure. And even though I may be a teeny bit hindered, I want to show my kids that it should never stop you reaching your goals.

Who is with me? And what crazy endeavor am I going to try one handed this week? Please leave a #lefthandchallenge idea if you have one. I will update and celebrate the successes of myself and other people in future.

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