[This article is the 3rd part of a 3-article series. Part I can be read here. Part II here.]

After looking into the first two main challenges pixel streaming solutions like Google Stadia will face, we now finally turn over to the content side of things.

Probably one of the most important aspects for any new gaming platform is what games are going to be available in it. If you were to look for the reasons why most of the new gaming platforms failed in the past, you will realize that almost all (if not all) of them either didn’t…

[This article is the 2nd part of a 3-article series "Is Pixel Streaming headed for another epic fail?". Part I can be accessed here. Part III here]

Part II — Pixel Streaming Economics…

Often when talking pixel streaming solutions like Google’s Stadia, the majority of questions asked by journalists and industry participants still remains focused on latency and image quality.

While that those are indeed some of the leading challenges for pixel streaming solutions attempting to compete with established platforms, another challenge, namely the economics behind such a service, are often forgotten or treated as easily solvable by the likes of Google.

Nevertheless, they do remain…

[This article is the 1st part of a 3-article series. Part II can be read here. Part III here.]

Back in 2002 while the movie industry was scrambling to deliver the very first streaming solutions, Netflix, to the dismay of many industry experts, opted for a very different route, instead heavily investing in the traditional physical disk distribution.

Fast forward to 2018 and pretty much every single heavy hitter in the tech space, including the likes of Microsoft, Tencent, EA, Verizon and even Walmart (WTF?) announced a push into video-game streaming services for the next couple of years.

With tech…

No matter what people say about E3, it's still the largest showcase for new game launches and global visibility. Last E3 was no different, with huge booths and fancy shows that included from hollywood stars such as Elijah Wood to dancing panda stunts.

Even companies such as Microsoft and EA, who did not have a physical presence inside the event, were still there, throwing their Oscars level event right next door to the LA Convention Center.

Xbox E3 2018 Showcase was nothing short of impressive

These seemingly endless budgets from publishers and platform holders is somewhat justified, seeing that they support an ever growing and competitive gaming market that…

Ontem foi publicada matéria no Correio Braziliense sobre uma suposta ofensiva do Banco Central contra moedas digitais. Apesar do título “click-bait”, está cada vez mais claro que o nosso Bacen já enxerga as Crypto Moedas como uma ameaça e que deverá (tentar) regular de maneira dura essa nova classe de ativos.

Proteção aos investidores e fiscalização sobre transações financeiras são de fato atribuções da instituição, entretanto fica cada vez mais evidente a miopia e despreparo de seus lideres ao lidar com o tema.

Ao contrário da postura mais cautelosa e aberta de governos e bancos centrais de países como Japão…

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Tech entrepreneur CEO of Nuuvem.com and Devise,vc, angel investor and board member at several web based companies. Also a crypto-enthusiast and an avid gamer!

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