Adopt a Startup!

An open letter about Strategic corporate philanthropy.

I want to share some ideas with you and set a ground for healthy discussions; to do this but I need to start with some definitions, I will be brief please be patient

Are you familiar with the word MUDITA?

It comes from Sanskrit, and basically means or describes the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being; it is also a form of meditation used to cultivate appreciative joy.

What about Philanthropy?

This one is a bit newer, it comes from Greek and in brief means “love for humanity”, the way I see this in our time it stands for actions taken by individuals that focus on public good and life quality.

There are endless organizations and individuals completely focused on seeking to help others, some of them with better results than others…. and there are also Businesses and corporations which not necessarily focus their core commercial activities on helping others but that share parts of their profit to support organizations that do.

There is a second level of giving, known as strategic corporate Philanthropy, where corporations are focusing their philanthropic work into investments that would also support their core business strategies; that is for example investing efforts on projects that would help a particular community where the corporation has an specific interest, this way the “giving” process has more of a win-win sense to it, both parts of the equation will benefit from the act.

A new version to this approach has emerged, its more engaged and hands on; some very clever organizations are actually taking actions to develop in a mentoring / coaching & financial way startup companies that could function as 3rd party suppliers, or develop technologies and services from which the “giving” organization could benefit.

Let’s take “Slack” (the work place collaboration platform) as an example, they have just announced an 80 million dollar fund to develop 3rd party suppliers, early stage investments on companies that would potentially enhance their current service, not with the main goal of creating ROI but creating value to improve their current core business, please read the article below, it is quite interesting.

Another example I would like to share is that from Google, they have actually launched a program called “Adopt A Startup” where Startup companies with great potential (focused on TIC´s) would receive an awesome amount and quality of support from Google, to accelerate their growth and functionality, take a look on the below link.

Now here is the deal!

Technology information Companies (TIC) are being created and developed at an amazing speed, with disruptive and untraditional management models; the people founding and mentoring this startups have achieved a level of cooperation that exceeds that of the original business idea and extends to the community creating value and sustainability to the places where they are located.

Meanwhile we at the transformation / manufacturing supply chain side of businesses are still working under management models that were designed a 100 years ago…literally!

There are great products being created in garages and shops across the world, we should be leveraging on technology same as TIC´s do!

Here is my challenge!…

Why not taking a MUDITA approach, let’s just help Startup companies launch their products and services, let’s help startups and spare them some of the pain and trouble of launching

Just for the sake of helping!

Aiming to create jobs, accelerate the industry and make fun socially responsible companies that serve people and communities.

I have started an experiment, I´m sending an open invitation trough my network (this letter aims to continue and expand this attempt), asking people to pass my message to someone they think could use me expertise in supply chain and product development, offering to help them for FREE!… I’m willing to donate hours from my free time to contribute on the success of a starting company.

My only requisite to help, is that the company that requires a hand, has a positive social impact scope… and that’s it.

If you agree with my idea, please pass this along.

Let me know what you think? ,Let me know if you would be interested in donating some of your time too!