Being the best SEO Consultant in UK — Why it was so important to me?

Being the best at what I do is very important for me. That’s my motive and the only thing to keep me on the game.

From the young days I hate to be mediocre.. I always wanted to be the best at what I do, especially when it comes to career, it was very important to me. That’s why I spend countless hours to get good at my craft.

Right now it’s 23.35 on a Saturday night, where all the other SEO consultants are most probably partying, I stayed in because this is the time where things goes up on the search engines.

Being the best gives a sense of joy and ultimate authority and legacy building momentum. That’s very important to me. And I love that feeling!!

I would do anything to be the best at what I do. I choose to what I do the best, because I always want to be the best in the game I play.

The digital marketing industry is getting crowded, so it’s essential I being the best SEO consultant in my time.

How did I became the best in UK?

Got this page > live on the web, couple of months back, done nicely by Kasun Sameera, who is the world’s greatest living web architecht in our generation. See his website and get in touch with him for anything about web devlpoment. He knows how to create web pages that budge like a erection. he is head of web services development at ClickDo Ltd.

After the page going live, I’ve systematically optimized it for smooth flow on the search engines.

Today 06.08.2016 it tops the UK SERP’s for “SEO Consultant

What was my ROI from the new webpage?

Since ranking on top 3 spots for terms like “SEO Consultant” , “SEO Consultant London” , “SEO Expert London” it helped me land 8 new local business client to my ClickDo SEO Agency in London.

This August is quiet month, however I expect at least 2 more new businesses by end to mid September 2016.

So being on top and being the best gives a good ROI and most importantly it gives massive recognition and authority in the digital marketing arena.

Let me know what you are aiming to be the best in the game you play!!