‘See, Observe, Act.’ Environmental governance expert Professor Claudia Carter reveals top tips to curb air pollution.

Claudia Carter, Associate Professor in the field of interdisciplinary environmental research and environmental governance.

“Don't be afraid to ask questions”

“The best and the most efficient way to curb pollution is to just be observant of what happens around you,” she says. The occasional sight of a rainbow, a rare sight of a red moon or the everyday sight of traffic jams during rush hour. All these counts.

Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone will cover all the roads within the A4540 Middleway Ring Road, but not the Middleway itself. (Source — Birmingham City Council)

“Lots of fresh air and experiencing nature as it was deepened my respect and love for all things natural and made me realize how little we need to be happy.”

Claudia is one of the hopefuls for this new initiative.

Clean Air Zone charges are based on the vehicle and not the person driving, or any passengers or goods being carried.
Public transportation is much more efficient than private vehicles because they fit more people into a single vehicle, so it reduces congestion and emissions.

“The canal network is a real asset to Birmingham”

“Birmingham must do a lot more to encourage and support cycling,” she tells me. Although Birmingham is the second biggest city after London, many people live within a 10km radius of the centre, which can be cycled easily in half an hour.

Birmingham canal paths could be significant to curb air pollution if authorities invest in keeping them safe and attractive.



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