Are you contented with the life you currently have right now? If your answer is yes, maybe you are tired of living your life. Maybe you are attending a school that you thought was great, but in fact, was not, and you are not doing anything about it. Or maybe you are doing nothing until you want to feel broke because there is not much to do in this world.

Some of you might think that you are contented with your life because you are doing fine in almost every area of your life. But, that is where things get a little sophisticated, at least in your mind.

If your answer is no, then that is good for you. I’m not expecting anyone to be contented with his life, and actually, I want everyone to feel discontented.

You see, if you become contented with your life, then you will start doing boring things — things that are unproductive, things that leech health points from you if you feel like this life is a game and you are not doing anything about it.

Contentment is bad, at least for the whole humanity itself. Feeling contented is good for some individuals, it is also good for you, if you want peace of mind for a short while. But in the long run, it is bad like, really bad. It is bad for the economy, it is bad for the country, and it is bad for the whole world. Discontentment is what drove and what drives people to reach their goals in life. The minds of the majority works this way, “Why doesn’t this thing exist? Shouldn’t we do something about it? Can we make it ourselves? If we can’t, we can ask others who can do it, to do it. We can pay them.” You can find these kinds of people working in the biggest companies in the world like Google, Apple, Tesla, LG, SpaceX, Unilab, Pfizer. They are filled with people who struggle to make a change for the betterment of humanity. This is why discontentment is good. When you feel discontented, you see a flaw in your life. If you feel very, very discontented, maybe your life is so bad or you are seeing a mountain of flaws piling up in what you think is a perfect world.

If you were born in this world and you grew up in a perfectly fine place, you would think that the world is perfect. But if you were the kind of kid who grew up with a plethora of obstacles coming your way every single time you felt that everything was about to be fine, you would see that the world is imperfect. And if you were that kind of kid, that would make you mad. If you didn’t know enough about the world, your experiences can make you a vicious person. If you are bright enough, you will see a perfect, logical path, which will enable you to somehow change the world around you. I think this is why people who have had difficult experiences in their childhood tend to be more brilliant. They have become so used to the difficult things, that they find doing something about it is the only option they have. All of us feel difficulties. But these difficulties come in varying levels and frequencies. Difficulties, collectively, is what shapes you as a better person. Without it, you cannot grow. If you are studying with very limited time and you can use only the library, your own physical books, and a typewriter, that will drive you insane. That will make you tell yourself “I need something that will make my work faster and more efficient.” If you were born in the 1900s, that will lead you try and make something new. And if you are so brilliant, you will have thought of making computers and sell it to the global community so everyone can be more efficient. If you were born in the 1990s or 2000s, you will ask your parents to buy you a laptop. What made you do that? Discontentment.

It is silly when people become so contented with their life that they start doing boring things. You can see these people in bedrooms up to the heavily guarded cubicles of skyscrapers. When the deep pockets of rich people become too lazy to fund the best kinds of projects humanity can offer, you just say “f*#% it.” But, it is gladdening when truly brilliant people just don’t care and they make things just work like miracles. They work hard even when their startup companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. They study their area and push it to the limits. It just makes your jaw drop — then you raise it and say “wow”, and then you make your draw drop again and make your eyes bigger.

The world has its ups and downs. Oftentimes money goes into the wrong pockets, but then, there will be brilliant people who will have the guts to turn pennies into gold bars in order to make the world a better place to live in. If you are discontented with your life right now, that is good. But make sure not to lead your discontentment to the devastation of other people’s lives. Focus on it and eventually, that will make you do something crazy. It may not be crazy in the eyes of the people around you, at least it is, in yours. And that is what matters. It is your decisions in life that matters and do not let other people write their story on your paper. That is your paper, not theirs. Screw what they think about you, just kidding. Let them tell you their opinions, do not cut them off as it will make your friendship fly opposite paths

March 3, 2016.

Ferr Angelus Suaberon.