How This City Becomes The Cleanest & Greenest in Indonesia
Yusuf Kurniawan

Great article. Now since you’ve already written about waste management in Surabaya, let me ask one thing. Is there any plan in the near future to build some kind of city-wide sanitary sewer system? Just emptied my house’s septic tank a few weeks ago, and I realized how a city-wide sewer system would be so convenient. And afaik, most modern, developed cities, already rely on it, and the usage of of septic tank as sanitary management has already been becoming limited on only suburbs or rural areas.

Imagine if Surabaya becomes the first city to implement it. Even Jakarta won’t look so modern then. It’s even possible that more people will flock into Surabaya due to higher convenience and standard of living. And of course, more people = more money invested in the economy. :)

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