Festicket first Hackathon

On Thursday and Friday 14–15 March, we ran our first Hackathon here at Festicket!

During those two days, six cross-functional teams that have never worked together before created a new feature for the company and our customers.

We started the event with a teambuilding activity — the Marshmallow challenge. Each team received 20 spaghetti, tape, 1m of string and a marshmallow, they had to build a free-standing structure that would bring the marshmallow the highest point possible. The winning team was able to choose the area of the business they wanted to work on first.

At the end of the two days, each team had five minutes to present their project to the judges.

The teams came up with some creative ideas for different areas of the business — creating a Spotify playlist with the music from the festivals you are interested in, to reselling your purchased tickets in case you can’t go to the festival, a customer loyalty programme, new features for group travel, Festinder to help find out about festivals that would be a good match for you and a festival budget calculator, which will help customers keep an eye on your spending.

The judges were really impressed with all the ideas and how elaborate they were, after only 2 days. All teams managed to present a working demo of their idea. After a weekend of debating the jury finally chose the winner: the Festicket loyalty programme, that rewards you with vinyl records for each purchase and offers a discount after you’ve collected 5 vinyls! The winning team was rewarded with a super trophy and an Amazon voucher.