Festicket is moving — Part 2

After 6 weeks of building and ordering new furniture, it was finally time to move. One week before the change of office the crates arrived and it was time to pack everything up, this was a great way to declutter, being in the same office for 3 years meant we had a lot of stuff to get rid of.

After a hectic weekend of moving, with all the heavy lifting done by the professionals. It only took the weekend to move all our stuff, screens and furniture included in the new office.

Some members of our team got to the new office on Sunday to unpack, meaning that the office was ready to go on Monday morning!

Nothing went wrong, the biggest issue was that we lost a part of the coffee machine, we managed to fix it one week later so everything went back to normal.

After 4 weeks here, everybody loves the new office, the new furniture is amazing and last but not least the new communal area is more enjoyable then it was in the old office. All round a huge success!