Middle Ground Vacation Hacks

When do you need a vacation? I’ll give you a hint…ANYTIME. We can get so wrapped up in our work and schedules that we forget taking time to recharge is even an option. Now we’re not talking about a $15,000 voyage to an island resort or even a hectic trip home to visit family that leaves you needing more days to rest before getting back to your routine. There’s a middle ground that can be short, cheap, and exactly what the court-appointed therapist recommended. Here are some ideas -

Weekends Away -

Don’t dream about going to Paris or Costa Rica before you’ve explored your local options (if time or money is an issue). Wherever you live, you’re probably a couple hours away from a new city with exciting experiences waiting to be had. Do some research and take Monday or Friday (or both) off to get the most out of your weekend away. You can use Airbnb for housing, local experiences, and more:

Photo courtesy of airbnb - Carmel in California @ $175/night
Photo courtesy of airbnb - Surf Lessons @ $65/person
Photo courtesy of airbnb - Cook with Top Chef @ $65/person

Camping or Glamping -

It’s not just for people who enjoy nature! Get away from it all — for real — in a scenic setting where you can unwind with mother nature. Some locations may offer kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, lakes, etc. Discover your outdoor options with Hipcamp which provides availability, pricing, and more. But if getting away from it all means no running water for a couple days, you probably won’t see me jumping at that experience. For those who don’t like roughing it, try glamorous camping or Glamping.

Photo courtesy of glamping.com — Virginia @ $65/night
Photo courtesy of hipcamp.com — Redwood Camp in California @ $90/night
Photo courtesy of glamping.com — Yellowstone in Montana @ $500/night

Staycations -

How many times have you told yourself you’re going to go to that art museum? Or tour the city’s sights? Or ride roller coasters at the local amusement park? Make some time to experience your city the way the tourists do. Take a few days off work to sleep in, stay up late, hike new mountains, savor delicious food, pamper yourself — and the list goes on! You probably won’t regret it, but even if you do, there were no travel or lodging expenses to keep you up at night.

So why don’t we go?

Time and again the number 1 reason for putting off your vacation is because of “work”. We’re too busy fetching this or that for our employer that we can’t sit back, relax, and let other people “fetch” things for us. Sometimes we can’t find a ‘good time to pause’, but the trick is — you just have to. Work will always be waiting for you…somewhere. But when you can’t find your luggage because you lent it to someone else who went on vacation…that’s a clue you need a vacation. When you don’t recognize your children because you’re working so much…that’s a clue you need to change jobs AND take a vacation. Just remember, no one on their deathbed ever said, “I wish I spent more time at the office.”