Why IOTA will be worth at least $100 within 5 years

May 4 · 3 min read

Every little sensor will create sellable value. And IOTA is the way to make it sellable and buyable. Companies want to buy this information because it will help to reduce their cost significantly. To buy those data full of valuable information they need the IOTA token. The biggest demand will come from the biggest companies who want to make more profit and reduce their costs in the most efficient way. Especially the insurance and health industry will benefit from this.

IoT Spending Guide
IoT value of $1.5 Trillion in 2025 expected

My expectation is that IOTA will at least cover 20% of the IoT market value in 2025. That’s a value of $300 billion. If we divide that over the IOTA supply (2.78 billion MIOTA)than we get a price of $107,95 per MIOTA.

The question is why do I think that IOTA will at least cover 20% of the market in 2025?

IOTA is the biggest player that is involved with the biggest car and manufacturing companies in the world. IoT market growth will be driven primarily by these companies! Read carefully. The growth that has to be created in IoT will primarily be created by these companies which are implementing IOTA right at this moment (text continues after the videos):

I think that the proof of concepts is entering the end phase. After this, it’s the start of mass production and commercialization. 2019 is the year of the breakthrough.

The growth will be fast and sudden because that is the nature of groundbreaking technology. First, it is ignored, then ridiculized, then been fought by competition, then it breaks through (Gandhi style!).

Our life has been changed so rapidly it is unbelievable. In a matter of seconds, we have the latest news, happenings, music, films, dates, online products, etc. Everything is within our reach with a click. The data that is flowing through the internet is record-breaking every single year. We are entering a new era where the consumer will create specific data (with sensors) and will sell it to the companies. It’s not one-way traffic any more. With the IoT technology and sensors evolving, we (the consumer) get the power to create and own our data. IOTA is creating a way to earn money because we are alife. We ARE valuable data!

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