The Trump Immigration Plan — my solution to the question of the illegal problem

I’m an ardent conservative Republican, an operational expert, and an avid fan of Mr. Donald Trump, and strongly support his stance on illegal immigration — especially the deportation of 11 million illegals and their anchor baby ilk (a total of 20 million people, approximately). Mr. Trump said “they have to go,” and I strongly agree.

I hope you, and Mr. Trump’s advisors, read my proposals - given that we have so many liberals and also some conservatives (I’m looking at you Mr. O’ Reilly), saying it would be impossible to deport 20 million.

So, what does it take to get rid of the 20 million?

I won’t talk much about the cost of preventing people from coming in— cost of the wall, tripling ICE officers and so on. All good ideas, and needs to be done.

My focus here is deportation of all those handymen, construction workers, maids, nannies, lawn keepers, farm hands by day and murderers and rapists by night.

deporting 20 million people is the same as emptying New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Houston and Phoenix combined. That’s going to be a lot of work.

Here’s another way of looking at it.

The migration caused by this mass deportation is larger than the entire European Jews displacement in 2nd world war, or larger than the combined migration of the India/Pakistan post partition, Syrian and Sudan crises.

Wow, that’s going to be a lot of work. But it’s going to be fun work.

But any plan must be rooted in reality — and the most important one here is what is it going to cost the tax payers? As I like to say

The emotional cost of human displacement must always be ignored to the cost of tax payer’s burden -Freidrich Heimmler

Let’s look at the total cost buckets. These are the broad components of executing the deportation plan.

I’m going to pick the major ones here, and talk about what we need to do and how. I implore the readers to please share this with the press, the fans, all other fellow republicans, because we need to support this and make it happen!


How do we find all these illegals? Once the Mr. Donald Duck plan comes to action, no doubt these nefarious characters will vanish. There are a couple of ways to identify the illegals and their families.

Empower police, municipal officials, air marshals and all law enforcement to ask, detain, hold people suspected of illegal status. This is fine, but it would be very expensive, intrusive, and really anger citizens.

Alternatively you could make it really hard for illegals to live with basic amenities — for example, no utilities, driving license, mobile phones, Internet, car insurance and so on without proof of legal stay. But this would need the Government to educate the entire private sector and bring along state governments, and is unlikely to be enforced well. Bad idea.

But there’s another way; a method tried very successfully by some of my comrades a few decades ago in another country. Incentivize common citizens to report (snitch on!) illegals or face jail. Believe me, it works.

To harbor illegals is the same as waging war on the state, and every patriotic mind must fight the elements that refuse their duty -Freidrich Heimmler

There’s one other aspect — we could tag everyone we find to be illegal, until we find a way to get rid of them. This was done for other reasons by my colleagues long ago. Here’s a picture.

Now that would be perfect especially to tag anchor babies, don’t you agree? Just like gmail “stars,” we could “star” them.


Holding is a critical component. Where do you hold all those people? For starters, let’s do some simple math on how many we need to hold, on an average, as we make space for the incoming population by deporting portion of the held population.

  • We want to get rid of 20 million people in in about 7 years, because I would love to see it happen before Mr. Donald Dump leaves office.
  • Let’s say we run deportation transportation 5-days a week. Even border patrol and camps need rest, that equates to about 11,000 people deported every single day for 5 days a week for 7 years.
  • So we need good holding camps for about 300,000–400,000 people — this is a massive undertaking. That is the same as the size of the 4 largest football stadiums in the United States.
  • To the question of due process and overwhelming courts — I think we can find a way to keep courts out of this

But fear not, I have a great idea, a fantastic design for just such a project. A blueprint for a holding camp that can efficiently hold about 100,000 people, and we’d need about four to five of them.

Here is a blueprint from some of my long gone friends who designed this a few decades ago; I think you will agree that this is a good way to start.

See this beautiful plan? Well laid out structures, including space for railway transportation, which is going to be critical to move masses of people in and out of the camps.

Constructing such a camp can be pretty quick. In fact, we might accomplish this by using the illegal workers, many of whom are constructions workers anyway. The example I showed above was constructed in record time by about 10,000 people, surely easily accomplished.

Now that we have a plan for the camp, let’s talk a bit about another major aspect of this deportation operations. Transportation into and out.

I have a names for at least a couple of the camps ready already

  • Trumplinka! in honor or Mr. Trump and his daughter Ivanka!
  • Soberbor — named after the sober reality of what needs to be done
  • Hosewitz — a playful take on all the “Jose’s” who’re going to be at their wits end dealing with this policy


How do we move such masses? Let’s see some simple charts.

The chart above shows two things — the number of trips it takes to move 10,000 people and the capacity of various transportation mechanisms. I won’t even go into costs, because the answers are obvious.

We can’t be flying 30–40 aircraft every day (80+ when you consider moving and out), it would be prohibitively expensive, and not to say dangerous. A plane full of upset people isn’t a good place to be in.

But there’s a perfect answer. It’s called the special railway car, used very effectively, again, a few decades ago by some of my colleagues to move large masses of people in Europe. They called it cattle car, which I think is demeaning, so I prefer to call it special car.

These trains would have about 45 wagons, and carry nearly 5000 people at a time! The cost would be significantly lower than any other means, and once you put people on this and get them out of the border, some of them will never come back to the US. Ever. And all it would take is 2 trips a day!

Cheap. Effective.

Here’s a picture of this awesome transport.

It looks very basic, but it’s very effective — trust me. Again, it will save the US tax payers a ton of money while at the same time helping get rid of scum. Think of a carriage full of rapists, now that’s going to be something, no?

There are a few things that worry me about the administration of deportation though, and I need to think more about it.

  • What do we do if the recipient country (Mexico, mostly) refuses to admit non-Mexicans? (anchor baby US citizens, for example)
  • How do we get non-Mexican South Americans out?

This is the starting point. If the Trump camp is interested I’d be happy to get into the details of how to do this effectively, with little cost to the US tax payers, and to the high satisfaction of his supporters.

Thank you, and I look forward to your victory Mr. Trump. But in the meanwhile I think we can all agree that this might provide us the answer to the question of the illegals problem.

A final solution.



I have more proposals on the way, this is just the start. Please share and let’s make this country great.

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