Don’t Change.

Shade 4 of Three Six Five.

Three. For our number of kids. Genuine joy when I said “marry me please”.

Seems like a note off history class. Faint memories. Fairytales written in glass.

Broken. For today I recognized you not. So soon. The sparks finally put out?

Our dreams never really took off? Am I just being paranoid?

Surely just an eclipse and this too shall pass. You, my sun, will shine again cos tough times don’t last.

But you changed. At least today. My pretty blossoming flower grew out thorns everywhere.

I tried to hold on. Blood dripping from spots pricked. I bleed. In front of my camera I sit. Penning down this moment for posterity.

Tears run down my cheek reluctantly. Been a while.

Found the lessons tho. Keep my emotions in check. Never let it show.

My fire, only to light up your path but never burn. My wind, should only cool you but never swirl.

When I rain, I should only drop and never flood. These days are cloudy. Step out of your shell.