We’re in this together.

Shade 19 of Three Six Five.

Nobody said it would be easy. Nobody said it would be this hard either.

The glory days were in sight. Far away but we could dream them up. We only had to keep going till the finish line, working in sync, happily all the time.

The stuff champions are made of. Why do you think we really got paired up? Cos you had it in you and I had it too. It was more than the looks or the attitude.

Right now it feels like it’s all work from one in a double-engine machine. Slowly grinding to a halt. Gradually losing steam.

No. That’s just plain nightmare. It should never have to be this way. Too much energy already invested. Plus you are perfectly designed.

It takes two to tango and when we’re both firing on all cylinders, you know there’s no length that we can’t go.

See, if need be, take out of my flame. Set yourself ablaze for us. Excite me. Make that roar. Rev up. Be the best you can be.

We’ve had those fire moments. We can do them again. Make them last a little longer, then we do them again.

I need you to survive. My support. I can move nothing without you. Maybe raise a few dust here and there.

Oil your fears away. Let yourself dream again. Then we would not only win the race but love every single moment of it.

I love you momma! Always and forever!