I didn’t completely ignore the sexism of her comment, I pointed out that it was actually supposed…

Your pretense that her embarrassing post was really clever sarcasm wouldn’t fool an 8 year old. If you really believe that, you’re so deep in the Kool Aid you don’t know which way is up.

HRC’s problems go way, way beyond the emails. If you haven’t heard them by now, you live in an impervious echo chamber like most of her fans. (Here’s just one piece, but it just barely scratches the surface: https://byrslf.co/the-one-piece-of-writing-every-hillary-supporter-should-read-6ded898f9613#.sx9taj89l). Even as you strain to defend Ms. Lerner, you base it on the emails plus Trump’s buffoonery to eke out the sketchiest of cases.

Progressives, half of them female and all of them feminist, have argued for more than a year how flawed HRC is. Those arguments continue to be ignored and *all* her critics are painted with a broad brush as sexists. These simple minded insults won’t unify your party, and they won’t win elections.

Maybe you can entertain the notion that America doesn’t want any more neoliberals as POTUS.

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