12 Astonishing Things you might not know about Harry Potter

  1. Auditions :

Around 300 kids were auditioned for the role or Harry Potter over a period of seven months but the director couldn’t find the perfect one. And one fateful day Heyman went to the theatre and found a boy sitting at the back with big blue eyes, he was funny and energetic too he said. That was Daniel Radcliffe. Heyman convinced Daniel’s parents to let him audition and we all know the rest. Emma Watson was 9 when she auditioned for the role at her school gym and Rupert sent his audition video in which he pretends to be a drama teacher and also raps about how he wanted to play the role of Ron Weasley, he also made his own script.

2. Quidditch :

Quidditch was invented by Rowling herself and guess what happened. Rowling had a fight with her then boyfriend and went to a pub to calm herself, but in that phase of anger and mixed feelings she invented Quidditch. Rowling said, Quidditch is a violent game and in her deepest, darkest soul she would like to see her boyfriend hit by a bludger.

3. Plant names :

The plant names used by Rowling are actually real plant names. Rowling found a book called Culpeper’s Complete Herbal, and this book had names of plants like Flax weed, toadflax, grommel and all of them that feature in the book. The book was written in the 17th Century by a botanist and herbalist Nicholas Culpeper.

4. Dementors :

On the Oprah Winfrey show Rowling told Oprah that her mother had multiple sclerosis and died due to that. After that Rowling suffered from depression for some time. Rowling used her experience during this phase to create and describe dementors as the creature that feeds on human emotions. She said it’s not being sad or crying it’s the absence of any feeling at all.

5. Brooms :

One might think that the brooms used in the movie are just the regular ones and that they were just probably holding them as if they are flying. But actually these brooms were specially made out of titanium and the kids needed to actually mount them as they were motion controlled to give a better effect and feeling. When the first movie was shot the kids were not so heavy but later as they grew it was important to make sure that the brooms could hold their weight.

6. Moaning Myrtle :

Shirley Henderson who played Moaning Myrtle was actually 36 years old when she played the role. She says it was difficult but not because of her age but because she was strapped to a harness as she is playing a ghost and was twirled and moved around while she was saying her dialogues, but the entire experience was fun.

7. The trio wrote an essay about their characters : 
The director of Prisoner of Azkaban asked Daniel, Rupert and Emma to write an essay about their characters from a first person point of view. And evidently they all responded as per their character, Dan wrote 1 page, Emma wrote 10 and Rupert wrote nothing. In his interview Rupert said he actually was occupied with his exams in school and so he couldn’t but it turned out to be good as Ron Weasley would have done just that.

8. Sports :During the course of the Harry Potter Series the trio was not allowed to play any contact sports as per their contract. They were only allowed to play golf as it is the safest.

9. Not all the effects were computer generated :

The entire movie looks like it is computer generated with amazing graphics. But the truth is not everything was computer generated like for example the baby mandrakes, the Monster Book of Monsters and Buckbeak too. Buckbeak was used for closeups in the scenes in which he could stare, move his eyes, bow and also all his feathers were put by hand.

10. The Lightning Scar :

The scar on Harry Potter’s forehead needed to be painted on everyday and sometimes more than once or twice a day. Five thousand eight hundred times to be precise, but later it was changed to a sticker which was applied using glue more than 2000 times. And also Daniel went through 160 pairs of the round frame glasses.

11. Dumbledore was Gay :

A fan asked Rowling if Dumbledore the Hogwarts headmaster had ever been in love. Rowling replied, “I always thought Dumbledore was gay.” She also revealed that Dumbledore fell in love with Grindelwald, and when he found out his real motives he had no choice but to fight and defeat him.

12. Happy Birthday : Rowling and Harry Potter have the same birthday the 31st of July. That is not the only thing in common between Rowling and the characters. Hermione is just like her when she was a kid and her favourite animal is an Otter which is Hermione’s patronus. And Dumbledore and Rowling both like Sherbet Lemons.

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