12 cameos on Friends that blew your mind

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way (clap clap clap)
Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA
It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear
When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, but
I’ll be there for you…”

And we bet you sang out every word of what’s up there! But this song by ‘The Rembrandts’ would not be as big a hit among the vox populi, had it not featured as the theme song for the most loved and now cherished TV sitcom — F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

A series that aired for 10 years turned out to be more than just a series; it turned into a family. Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey, they all became household names. We not only saw them on the idiot-box but felt their presence among us everyday, every time. That sarcastic guy in your group who passes sly comments about everything and anything in life — Mr. Bing, he is!

Or that weirdo in your group who is always the different one, making you wonder if it’s a human you befriended or a Martian, for all you know — then she would be Phoebe.

We all have Friends just like the ones we saw in Manhattan sitcom. This group of 6 entertained us for 10 whole years, and somehow they still manage to do it even today! Now that is an amazingly long time for any TV series to run (and of course its re-run that we live on now). But hey, we just couldn’t get enough of it okay!

While the main cast of the series of ‘Friends’ were enough already to make us look forward to it everyday, they were joined by a few more friends from the mainstream entertainment fraternity who entered the ‘Lavender door with the floating heaths’.

You may know a few, or rather all of them if you’ve watched the entire series (which we presume that you have) we list down a few added ‘Friends’ who made the whole experience magical in their own unique ways.

So brace yourselves, as we fall back in the blissful world of retrospection and relive ‘Friends’. Again.

And what better way is there to reminisce Friendship day that just went by!

Here is a list of celebrities who you never thought may have appeared on Friends:

Reese Witherspoon: This actor made some really impressive appearances on the show in two back-to-back episodes in the sixth season. Featuring as Rachel Green’s sister, Jill Green tried to date Ross (David Schwimmer). The situations that arose later were rather expected, after all, we know how Rachel goes about when someone tries to take what’s hers. Her appearance in the series, though short-lived was refreshing and couthy.

George Clooney: Matt LeBlanc was deemed to be the hottest guy on the block with his charms, but the audiences seemed to go a bit infidelious when this man made a cameo in the series. George Clooney who was already quite a big name due to his then on-going medical drama series E.R, appeared in a similar avatar in this sitcom series as Dr. Michael Mitchell. Rachel on spraining her ankle is taken to the hospital only to discover she has no insurance. Monica being the helpful one decides to give Rachel her insurance by swapping identities. And the confusion that ensues from thereon is a must-watch! Nonetheless, George managed to spread his suave in the short span on Friends. Short but captivating all the same. Sorry joey, the girls want more perhaps.

Noah Wyle: Another actor from the E.R series, Noah Wyle was seen on friends as Dr. Jeffrey Rosen. He was just a part of the mayhem Rachel and Monica had created by swapping their identities, and was seen alongside his E.R co-actor George Clooney. This could be termed as a faux crossover as the character didn’t quite play their original characters from E.R. But it got all the attention for friends. Not that it needed so, since it already had a lot of it. But it could be seen as something refreshing nonetheless. Quite the effect a beer has on you. You don’t really need it, but yeah, works well.

Gary Oldman: Gary Oldman appeared on the TV series when his career was kinda downhill. Though fame and name was all his after playing our beloved Sirius Black, he made his appearance as Joey’s co-actor with a pronunciation problem. And as we know how the Wicked Joey always loved impersonating his co-stars, Gary wasn’t spared as well. Added some extra giggles at the already not-so-’sirius’ show!

Brad Pitt: The temperatures recorded in Manhattan when Brad Pitt featured on the show would have not been less than that at the Sahara Desert, we bet. Brad Pitt added the extra oomph to the show in a rather humourous manner, when he plays Will Colbert, who went to the same school as Rachel, Ross and Monica. He was a part of the hate club ‘I Hate Rachel Green’. As a member of this club, Ross spread rumours around Rachel saying that she had both male and female reproductive organs. You need to go to the church Ross. Seriously.

Paul Rudd: Not quite the guest appearance back then, but we just could not keep the now-Antman out of the list. Paul Rudd made his appearance on the show as Phoebe’s love interest and later goes on to marry her. The chocolate boy fantasy that he was, it seems like he hasn’t aged even a bit since then. The fountain of everlasting youth had a visitor, it seems.

Julia Roberts: This ‘Pretty Woman’ actor deafened us with the cheers she got as she appeared on the show. Susie is what her name was, she happened to be a victim of Chandler’s shenanigans in school. Revenge was the only resident in the confines of her mind, when she told Chandler to wear panties (in the most seductive way) only to strand him naked in the restroom. What followed later was pitiful, but hilarious as Chandler got a taste of his own medicine.

Jean Claude Van Damme: This ‘Bloodsport’ royalty made a fab cameo on the series as he played himself. Though Monica was a huge fan, she couldn’t gather enough guts to face the actor who was prepping up for his shoot. Rachel being the gutsy one, does it for Monica only to find out that Jean Claude is rather interested her. This creates a tiff between the two. A serious cat-fight, is precisely what it could be called. How the cat-fight builds up and ends is cute in its own weird way.

Bruce WIllis: Oh this one is an interesting! Bruce Willis happened to win an EMMY for what began as a silly bet. Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry worked together in the movie ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ and had a friendly bet going on. The terms of losing the bet for Bruce Willis was to feature in Friends, of which Matthew was an integral part of, for free! And we presume that Bruce definitely lost that bet. But after it fetched him the EMMY, we don’t see how that is a loss!

Hugh Laurie: Quite a lot of celebrity appearances on the show, and how could Hugh Laurie be left out. The loving dad from ‘Stuart Little’ had his share of screen-space in the Friends, as he was just this vexed co-passenger during Rachel’s flight to London. More than a blink and miss, and a bit lesser than a substantial role, Hugh Laurie managed to stun the audiences in his own beguiling way.

Sean Penn: This two time academy award winner wasn’t gonna let go of being a part of this show. Sean Penn was Ursula’s (Phoebe’s twin) soon to-be-husband. But Phoebe realizes sooner that their relationship is based on a lie. Being the veracious one (sometimes), Phoebe decides to spill the beans to Penn, not with an intention to sabotage their relationship but only to let truth prevail. And also because she hated Ursula.

Ben Stiller: The ‘Night at the Museum’ actor wasn’t gonna miss out the modern day relics of Friends. He was seen in a few episodes, where he was this noisy guy Rachel dated, shouting at everyone who seemed to annoy him.

While the list actually is quite longer than the one we stated, these are the ones who we never thought would appear on the show, despite their huge fan following in other shows or movies.

But after all, it is Friends! And who in their right mind would have ever declined an appearance in the show that still wins our heart every time we watch it.

In the end, all we can say is that, many may have come and gone, but the original cast still remains embossed in our hearts.

“I’ll be there for you…”
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