4 Famous ancient fiction books that will leave you mesmerized after reading it

Fictional books always steals the attention of most readers as it contains certain elements which are unique and rare when compared to the non-fictional books. Fictional books consists of imaginary people and events who are never part of the existing environment and have nothing to do with real life while in case of non-fictional books, it is totally different.

In fictional books, you won’t find facts and relevance but then fantasies, imaginations are all included in those books which gains a lot of readers though. While those who tend to read more non-fictional books, do not seem to be much interested towards fictional books. But then there are people who love to read both.

In same case, even historical fiction books are available. It may sound weird because history is something, which has already happened and has a true story behind it. But then some authors who have written historical fiction books have given a different way to thinking of the people. Now the people who read historical fiction books, are well aware of imagining things that happened in the past as well.

History is relevant and based on facts but some of the talented authors has experimented their skills by going out of the box and published historical fiction books which can just grab anyone’s attention.

Here we present you the most famous ancient fiction books by beautiful authors which will just capture your hearts once you start reading.

1) The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh — The Glass Palace is written by the Indian author, Amitav Ghosh, which was published in 2000. This novel is a historical fiction which has won the “Best Book” title and also got many awards for the brilliant work by the author. In fact this novel was also published in several other languages as well. Speaking of the storyline, Amitav Ghosh has written this book by constituting a wide range of issues, changes in society and economic instability. This book covers the story of Rajkumar, the lead character and about his love, Dolly. This novel depicts not only the story of love but also shows the struggles and problems faced by Rajkumar to meet his love and also marks the social and political chaos which happens when he starts building his own empire. This novel focuses on the after effects of World War 2, where people’s lives has been shattered and then how they got it together. This novel is a beautiful historical fiction tale by an Indian author and must be read by fictional book fans for sure.

2) The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan — The Twentieth Wife by the talented author Indu Sundaresan, who wrote this historical fiction book under the Taj Mahal Trilogy. Being an American, Indu is very much interested to write fictional books which comprises much more of the Mughal Dynasty and this “The Twentieth Wife” novel by her is an excellent work, where she has portrayed the life of Mehrunissa, a young widow who later becomes the Empress of the Mughal Empire. This novel depicts the story of Mehrunissa who gains love and respect from Emperor Jahangir and also shows about the political schemes going in the empire. Through her novel, she emphasizes on the power and skill of Mehrunissa, the twentieth wife of Emperor Jahangir, who successfully takes over the empire and rules it in a very bold way.

3) What The Body Remembers by Shauna Singh Baldwin — Shauna Singh Baldwin published this novel in 2000, who is also a Canadian-American novelist. This novel was written by keeping in mind the 1947 partition where two women got married to the same man. This novel depicts the story of the two women, who faces lot of problems as they get married to the same man. While one of them named Roop, is young girl who gets married to Sardarji because of her father’s debt while on the other hand, Satya , the first wife of Sardarji unable to bear a child, goes on with accepting his husband’s second wife. First they both tends to believe that they can be friends but slowly as the story moves forward, rivalries rise between them which leds Sardarji to face many struggles and that too during the independence of India. A spectacular presentation of the religious conflicts and problems during the partition of India has been beautifully conveyed through this book and anyone would just love to read this novel.

4) The Palace Of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni — This novel was published in 2008, by the famous Indian-American Novelist, Chitra Banerjee who also won many awards for her beautiful works and is adored by many people. This novel is unique because the story written by the author is not dictated by male point of views but rather it considers female point of view. Everyone knows the story of Mahabharata, which had its existence in the past and is still now fresh in many minds where the lead was always a male. But has anyone ever wondered where was the view point of Draupadi? Draupadi was just a part but no one considered her situation. And this novel emphasizes more on Draupadi and her point of views which was never taken into consideration in the original story of Mahabharat. This novel deals with the story based on Draupadi and about her conditions and experiences about residing in a patriarchal world. Not only her point of views is considered, but Chitra has also mentioned about how Draupadi stood by her values, married the Panch Pandava brothers, learns about the mystery of Krishna and gives rise to dangerous war. Apart from that Draupadi is the fire born daughter of Drupad who is not easily discouraged. This book will simply leave you mesmerised, once read and also will help us to know more about Draupadi. Though a fictional, but still an inspiring ones.

Being Historical fiction books, these four novels have however created their own worth and value all over. Those people who are very much interested towards history can go on with these novel and for those who are not very keen, even can read these books as it is inspiring also.

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