Feminal superhero movies which should be made now

Superheroes are one of the most loved characters of fictional movies among the audience and the viewers. Specially the male superheroes that leads in the movies are the ones which are appreciated by most of the people who love watching fictional films.

Masculine superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Hulk and many other characters have gained immense attention from the public and now they are one of the most prominent figures. But then why the female superhero characters are being ignored? Why there are no movies based on the female superheroes that can really dominate the screen.

We always have beautiful superhero female characters such as Wonderwoman, Batgirl, Supergirl and many such which really has a connection with the male superheroes and also have helped them in many ways to defeat the super villains.

Why can only male superheroes dominate the screen and not female? It’s just because male superheroes are muscular and male or is it that female superheroes are being ignored from the scenario? If it’s so then now, all the filmmakers need to understand that even female superhero can dominate the big screens.

Who will not love a female superhero movie, where the lead is played by a beautiful female superhero character? Everyone will. So now, movies should be made on female fictional artists apart from the male ones.

Below mentioned are one of the most famous and beloved female superheroes on which the movies should be made as soon as possible:-

1) Batgirl — Batgirl has her appearances in most of the DC comics where she first appeared in Batman (April 1961) and is also depicted as the female counterparts to the superhero Batman. Batgirl as depicted by several comic books resembles an important character where she acts as a detective and solving mysteries and also helping the people around her whenever it is possible for her. Batgirl was basically written by Bill Finger and graphics were done by Sheldon Moldoff. Apart from the character of Batgirl, we also find that Batgirl belongs to the Gothic city and the Batman Family where she should also be treated equally as the Batman. Her several appearances in the fictional books also shows her importance in the batman series and therefore there should be a movie definitely made on Batgirl.

2) Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) — Wasp is a fictional female superhero which appears in most American comic books published by Marvel comics. Written by Stan Lee, this female character was first appeared in the comic book of Tales to Astonish. Wasp is one of the female superhero who is the first female Avenger and also a long time leader to the team. She was one who was also the founder of the team when it was first formed. The character of wasp is usually depicted as having wings and ability to shrink herself and also has the power of bioelectric energy blasts. Apart from having some amazing super powers, Wasp was also ranked as the fifth greatest avenger of all the time by Marvel creations. So by looking at her powers and her role, she surely deserves to get a good shot on big screens.

3) She-Hulk — She-hulk is the female superhero that belongs to the Hulk family. Created by Stan Lee, She-hulk mostly appears in the Marvel comics, where she plays a role of a cousin to Hulk. As per the series, she-hulk was the character who received blood from her cousin hulk when once she was injured, which also led to her acquiring of special powers from her superhero cousin Hulk. as depicted in the series, She-hulk is a prominent figure which acquires a huge feminine power. She is super-strong, indestructible and very powerful covered with those green body same like Hulk. She-hulk also has been a member to the Fantastic four, Avenger, Heroes for life and many more. Her role is powerful but with it, she also resembles her personality as well. By looking at her powers and role, She-hulk definitely needs a chance to showcase herself in the big screens as well.

4) Storm — Storm is a fictional superhero character which has her existence in Marvel Comics from a pretty long time. Her first appearance can be traced in Giant-Size X-Men in May 1975 and this character is created by Len Wein. Storm is also the first woman superhero of color, which determines her existence which is not related to color and also depicts that how she is important to both X-Men and Marvel lore. Storm is meant to be born with superhuman abilities and her character is depicted as the woman superhero who has the ability to control the weather and fly and also she is member of the X-men group. In the comic series, Storm is also married to superhero Black Panther and then becomes the Queen Consort of the African nation of Wakanda. This character is very interesting on the series and therefore she needs definitely a shot to get appear on the screens.

5) Black Widow — Written by Stan Lee, the character of Black Widow was first introduced in the Tales of Suspense in April 1964. Published by the Marvel comic Books, Black widow is also a part of Avengers, Iron Man, S.H.I.E.LD and many other series by the Marvel Creations. Black widow had her existence since the 60’s and then later became a prominent figure in the Marvel Universe. She is usually depicted as the founding member of Avengers and a fictional spy agent in most of the series. The series also shows that first she was introduced as the villain but further she transformed herself and made her appearance in Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D by leaving her past behind. She was also seen in the latest movie named Captain America:Civil War, where her role was largely appreciated. Henceforth, by looking at her role and transformation, she should be definitely portrayed on the big screens.

If movies are made on this female superheroes then it would surely work wonders because every movie with good fictional characters and story, definitely works on screens.

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