Motivation just flows in if you’re a Potterhead as these readers tell you how

Does Harry Potter series need any special introduction? Definitely no, because each of them are familiar with the series and are aware of their books also. J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series has managed to touch the heart of millions of audiences and readers through his work.

Harry Potter’s series is a fantasy fiction which is appreciated by most of them. The very first edition of these series started in 1997 and then later was accompanied by other parts. Books of Harry Potter sold worldwide while the movies was also viewed by a large number of audience all around the globe.

J.K. Rowling’s novel won most of the book awards which was observed and analyzed by the children and also it was translated into sixty-seven other languages to gain more popularity. Apart from the books, movies were also made that was also converted into several languages and screened it most of the theatres worldwide.

The series of Harry Potter both got negative and positive responses. While it was loved by many people due to the characters, plot, humour and style included, in the same way it was criticized by many religious groups for its accusations that promotes witchcraft and other superstitions. But if you see in a different way, then it does not promote any kind of negative activities. In fact, this series inspires a lot of readers to lead a better life.

Harry Potter series have really have helped many people in positive aspects which we cannot deny. It really did have a great impact on many people’s lives and this can be seen through many people’s reviews as mentioned below:-

1) “It made me take on my life as my own” — This sentence was clearly mentioned by Tantalus, who is great fan of the Harry Potter series and has read every part of it. This person is probably very thankful of author J.K. Rowling who wrote this fiction book as it helped to save his life. He also states that he was not really a great fan of this series when he was in school but until he turned 28, he turned out to be a great fan, where he also mentioned that he followed every series of the film as it was released.

He realized his value of life only after the quotes and write-ups from this series gave him an inspiration to live. He was lately diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder which had extreme emotions, where he could get affected with the slightest of word and also it would last for a lifetime which was very difficult to deal with where he almost had lost all his hopes. But then when finally he happened to read this series, he happened to go across the quote,” Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?’ in the Deathly Hallows from Dumbledore, where he decided to take up his life on his own ways and not get affected by what people says.

2) “My English was OK, but not great, and I decided to read the books on my own” — Marie Le Conte is very famous person who is well known for her BuzzFeed reports. Before she became a reporter on BuzzFeed, she was a simple French girl, who Did not knew much of English in her earlier days. She is a great fan of Harry Potter series where she used to read the novels mostly in the French Version. She also states that her English was OK, but not that great so she need to train herself as mostly the novels would get published in English. She realized this, when the different series of the novels took a lot of time to get published in French and from that very moment, she decided to learn English on her own and when “Order of the Phoenix’’ came out, she was able to understand most of the writings. And then she continued to read the English versions of Harry Potter series which then gave her an inspiration to learn English on her own and not getting dependent on many people. And by the time she was 16, she was able to deliver a good English and also got into the London university where she finished her degree and got into journalism. She is thankful to the Harry Potter series, without which she would have never learned English on her own.

3) “Harry Potter gave me a friend when I felt that I had none” — This sentence was said by Cnomad (which is evidently a Username), where she believes that Harry Potter literally gave her friends when she even didn’t felt like having one. She was 9, when she had to move with her parents because of her dad’s work. After sometime, she realized that there was no one for her as her dad would have extra hours at work and her sister was living in a foreign country because of her studies. She realized that she used to have cultural clashes with the students out there in her school and that no one was her friend. It so happened, when she started to bond with other students because of the Harry Potter series that was played by her teacher during her class. She also started to read the other parts as well, which also inspired her to make friends with people whenever she thought that she didn’t have any friend.

4) “It taught me that life won’t always be easy, but you’ll find a way through it” — Lucy believed that Harry Potter made her feel better about her life. She is way too impressed by Harry, where she analyzed that he was different from others and always attracted unwanted attention in many ways. Apart from that, he faced many dangers where he received support from his friends and who were always there for him. Always. Harry taught her that life is not easy and there are obstacles in every way as she was differently abled as a child but also she realized value of her parents and friends who were always supportive to her whenever she needed them. Moreover, the series taught her that life will not always be easy but you’ll always have a way to deal with it and most importantly to realize the value of her life on a great scale.

These four had their own opinions on the Harry Potter series and mentioned how it changed their lives. Similarly, there are also some more whose life has been changed due to this series.

So what’s your view on this? If you still did not read this series, you should definitely read it as soon as possible!

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