Rings and fandoms that matter

Rings have always been a titillating subject in the mystical world where we love to dwell. Doesn’t matter if you love the J.K.Rowling masterpiece, or the Lord Of The Rings, or anything that has anything mystical associated to them, you’ll definitely find one thing around and that is Rings.

How you like me now?!

When we are lost in the mystical worlds like these, we hardly ever want to come out of it. But alas, reality does creep in leaving us dazed with the memories of a beautiful place where wished we belonged. But what if there are certain elements of that world that do exist in the real world?

What if the magic in them exist?

For one things is of certainty that they mesmerise us every bit.

Rings. Rings are used as a representation of something magical all throughout. There is little left to wonder why so. Rings have represented mysticism and are considered talismanic over centuries now. And hence are represented in all our fables and stories.


Listed below are a few examples of the ring being portrayed as the ultimate example of power and dominance. So brace yourselves and believe in the power of the ring:

  1. Horcrux of Voldemort: The Potter series is a plotline which everyone is aware of. This masterpiece by Rowling took the world by storm and gave every child a message that magic is real and it dwells within you. Voldemort the antagonist of the series, in search of immortality resorts to immoral means. The ideology of horcrux is that it stores a part of your soul. So even if your physical form is destroyed, you still have a chance of returning. Courtesy: Horcrux. Voldemort embeds one part of his soul into MArvolo’s ring making sure that his return post his death is guaranteed. While he actually does return from the dead, the only way to stop this dark magic supremo is to destroy his horcrux. What eventually happens is not a matter of secrecy. Dumbledore helps Harry (the boy who lived, as he is termed as in the series) to destroy the ring with the sword of Gryffindor. We can go on and on about it’s implications but that’s for some other time maybe.
such majestic

2. Lord Of The Rings(LOTR): As the name itself suggests, the LOTR series is basically the quest for the all-powerful ring. As auspicious and magical a ring may seem to be, it is rightly depicted in this series with the famous dialogue revolving around its possession. Drunk in the power the ring imparts, “My precious” is what the bearer of the ring always ends up saying. The power of the ring rightly portrayed so.

My Precious!

3. Green Lantern: And just when the powers of the ring were glorified enough already, DC comics created an entire clan of intergalactical corps who draw their energy from the ‘ring of will’ and restore peace and order throughout galaxy. They make cool constructs as per their will and defeat crime. What an amazing thought! Makes you want to be one of the Green Lantern corps too, right?

You there, Abin Sur?

4. Captain Planet: This animated TV series was one with a nice message- conservation of the environment. While that was depicted in cool ways more than one, the most interesting aspect of this series were the elemental rings. 5 rings, each assigned one element that the earth consists of. Earth, water, wind, fire and heart. While they could be used individually too, sometimes they just weren’t enough to fight the pollution causing baddies. By combining the powers of all 5 rings, an all-powerful entity could be created (cannot deny that his entry was the coolest) called Captain Planet who could fight crime and protect Mother Nature. Still doubt the power of rings?

When The UN like you

While these are just a few of many examples where a ring is shown all powerful, the mysticism of rings hold true even in our day-today lives. With certain stones (birthstones) being suggested to us to have them in our proximity, solitaire rings are in great demand. With rings embedded with emeralds and rubies and coral or sapphire, these rings bring a certain sense of optimism and hope.

Rings are everywhere around us and we love them every bit. These fables around them just make them all the more desirable.

For in the end, that’s what makes us believe in magic.

A real remnant of our magical realm.

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