Superheroes Marvel cannot use anymore

Marvel is at the apogee of the entertainment business. And that comes with little surprise. With esteemed characters like Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk, and who could forget the mighty Asgardian Thor, the audiences just cannot get enough of Marvel even if they would want to.

This decade certainly seems to belong to Marvel when it comes to bringing our beloved comic characters to life. And we must add, that they have done quite an exceptional job so far. With directorial expertise like Joss Whedon and the Russo Brothers, and the acting maestros like Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans, Marvel is easily that green pasture where every filmmaker would want to graze.

But as we know, “great power comes only after great sacrifice”, it is hard to believe that a film studio so elite had its share of sacrifices to do. Only if these sacrifices were confined to monetary nature, it would not have seemingly bothered us. But the truth is more heart wrenching.

Marvel, once upon a time, had to sell out its comic characters to make quick money so as to keep the studio alive. Though good days are now upon Marvel, the ghosts of past are here to haunt. Marvel cannot use the characters it once sold simply because ‘they belong to someone else now’.

The companies that seemed to have won the bids for their money-pot are now seemingly reaping benefits from this venture. Quite obviously they would not want to give up the ‘hen with the golden eggs’ just because the character’s creator had a conscience awakening and have their pockets now jingle with coins and not pebbles.

Here is a list of your favourite Marvel character who DO NOT belong there anymore *sobs*

  1. Spider-Man
    Your friendly neighbourhood spidey boy is not Marvel property anymore. This bug boy was sold off to then well-to-do studio, Sony while Marvel was sailing perilous tides. Sony made Spider-Man jump towers and meet the most absurd villains to entertain the audiences. They do seem to have achieved it quite a lot as well. However, much recently, Marvel managed to demand their doted character back and kinda got it too. As per the new dealing, Marvel now holds the authority to use the character in their movies (as we saw in Captain America: Civil war). But Sony won’t let go of Peter so soon and hence they too shall have their own reboot of Spider-Man and both studios will hold rights to the respective profits earned by the web-slinging red-blue spandex suited Spider-Man. That would leave us perplexed enough. But that remains worth the wait as to whose Spider-man would be more acceptable. Our bet is on Spider-Man Homecoming.

2. The Fantastic Four
In the year of 2005, there was much hullabaloo about 20th Century Fox coming up with their movie which they thought would be the best movie of the decade perhaps — The Fantastic Four. The franchisee somehow failed to earn some serious moolah from two consecutive movies and hence had to later keep the 4 heroes in the shady oblivion. Recently, Fox studios dared to bring the characters back in a rebooted avatar only to face the similar fate. Or maybe even worse. Facing regular failures, there were rumours that the studio would give up the Quadruple squad over to its creators. It is for us to wonder, if this team ever manages to come back from the grim pits of failure, which studio would rather dare to invest and how. Certainly a wait and watch scenario, we suppose.

3. X-Men
This mutant universe by Singer is one of the oldest superhero franchisees to be known. Started all the way back in the early 2000s, these movies have never let down the expectation in regards to them. By and large, 20th Century Fox seems to own the very word ‘mutant’. Marvel, likewise, seems to own team that calls themselves ‘Avengers’. Two affiliations, two studios, and the 7 billion hearts unified as one to root for Marvel are torn apart to shreds innumerably many times. We have all seen the confusion to be pretty evident as both studios have their versions of Quicksilver. In one, he seems to die fighting a corrupted artificially intelligent bot, and the other seems to be so cool that he can listen to music while saving people from a blast. We hope, that the rivalry ends soon and that X-Men receive a Homecoming too. Because of the simple fact that we just cannot wait for the Wolverine and the Hulk to face off. Really. Come on 20th Century Fox, don’t be such a spoil sport.

3. Deadpool:
We seriously wonder what made Marvel give up on such an iconic character. It is rather disappointing to acknowledge the fact that the very creators of this character seemed to have not realised his potential to the fullest. And hence they had sold this character off too. But the recent success attained by this merc seemed to have made Marvel put its own foot in its mouth as it turns out that the very characters they gave up are now making money in exorbitant amounts. This also brings us to the fact that Fox is planning on a sequel with this character (it was as obvious as sunrise) and that might happen very soon. Now if that isn’t salting one’s wounds, we don’t know what is.

4. Namor: 
If you thought that the DC Marvel rivalry didn’t extend to this aquatic superhero then you surely are wrong, amigo. This Aquaman’s Marvel synonym Namor was created in late 1930s. Though the the true studio house of this character was unknown, there seemed to be real and serious interference by Universal studios whenever Marvel even thought of getting this character out of the confines of the comics. But in recent updates from Marvel studios, the authorities seemed to state the ownership over the character. When asked if we could see Namor dawning our screens anytime soon, we were came across the most diplomatic sentence of the century — that being “cannot confirm nor deny”. In the light of Jason Momoa coming up to own the seas in the Justice league movie, maybe marvel is trying to examine how the character fares, and then consider to get Sub-Mariner out of the sea.

Marvel may have given up a lot of characters. But desperate times did call for desperate measures.

But no matter what, they perhaps did it all for the greater good, that being the survival of a studio that had the potential to deliver quality entertainment. And is doing it every bit these days.

Also, they still have Iron Man, so we ain’t complaining.