Everything Strange that you should know

“Taken aback” just by the mere looks of it, Dr. Strange trailer has left us wanting more. While Mr. Cumberbatch is here to entertain us in yet another fascinating avatar, we just need to fuel our brain cells and know what is so strange about this mystical Doctor.

A class apart

Marvel has just upped its game for all its rivals by getting more superheroes from its elite kitty. And this time it is Dr. Strange’s turn. Though there are many sequels yet to come up (like the one we saw this year: Civil War), Marvel has gambled enough to get a new superhero on the block.

This gamble was also undertaken last year when Marvel got a whole new team of superheroes in the form of Guardians Of The Galaxy (GOTG), Quite evidently, the venture worked wonder for the studios as GOTG earned exorbitant profits.

So what is this hype around this new movie and why so?

Worry not, amigo, for all your questions shall vanish. Now.

Dr. Strange

Who is Doctor Strange?

Doctor Stephen Strange is a renowned neurosurgeon. Good at what he does. Or rather excellent. One of the finest minds in terms of neurosurgery, his pomposity is slightly justified.

Things just could not be any better for Stephen, when a car crash changed his life. Perhaps changed for good. Though this could be seen as hamartia, it actually wasn’t.

Stephen Strange after his accident

After recovering from the fatal accident, both physically and mentally, Dr. Strange discovers that he isn’t fit to perform surgeries anymore. Obviously, who would, in their right mind, surrender their brains to be split open and re-wired by a man with shaky hands?

Being the victim of unemployment, Stephen finds some off street gigs to practice his skills in the most harmless way possible. Little did he know, that this would lead him to stumble upon a mystical master who calls herself ‘The Ancient One’.

Call it an example of ‘change of events’ and this one is just massive in magnitude.

What? Ancient One?

Yeah, we kinda saw this one coming. So we are prepared.

As per the comics, The Ancient One is one of the most powerful sorcerer and is the rightful protector of Earth. Makes us wonder, why do we need Thor then?

Anyway, the comic always portrayed The Ancient One as someone who is pretty old and has a long beard and stuff. But it took us by surprise when we realised that things weren’t that way in the trailer. We saw Tilda Swinton (going bald) and explaining Stephen, the facts about reality.

This not only makes the character of the Ancient One more “ambiguous” (as Marvel President Kevin Feige puts it) but also seems to attack the stereotypical portrayal of ancient masters being men.

The Ancient One

Things seem to set out on a bad note between the master and the apprentice, as The Ancient One considers Stephen’s hunger for fame and notability, but eventually comes to the belief that maybe he does have the potential to do good. Thank God!This leads to The Ancient One training the novice to become the undisputed master of magic and sorcery — the Sorcerer Supreme, who will inturn protect earth from all threats — both known and otherwise.

That is perhaps all you need to know about the characters for now, since you know the drill. Too much of anything good is bad, right? We shall not ruin your suspense by disclosing any more than what we did.

The set!

While the Avengers fighting it out in New York and then Slovakia was as stunning as it could get, Thor: The Dark World being shot majorly in Greenwich was immensely refreshing.

So what has Dr. Strange gotten in store for us?

Just an amalgamation of the best venues to shoot a movie at, is Greenwich Village in New York.

Sanctum Sanctorum

This is where the Sanctum Sanctorum is located (as per the comics, again).

We look forward to see more of this in the movie, though. After all, seeing is believing, right?

Something more Strange:

While Dr. Strange and his powers as a sorcerer might be quite evident (matter manipulation, illusion, etc) yet there are certain things that render him these abilities.

Just to state a few of them would be:

  1. The Eye Of Agamotto: By the sound of it, it may be perceived like an all-seeing eye. But it actually is a lot more. More than meets the eye. This artifact enhances Dr. Strange’s abilities (both physical and magical) and also helps him travel inter-dimensionally. Not to forget the deception-destroying light that makes Dr. Strange immune to deceptive illusions and also is odious to nefarious spirits.

2. The cloak of Levitation: As the name suggests, it obviously gets our Magic man fly. But just when you thought that maybe, and just maybe, that is the only thing it could do, you were wrong. The cloak is attached to his thoughts and can tangle the opponent. Now that is as cool as it would get!

3. The Orb Of Agamotto: Sounds fancy right? It is too! This magical orb is synonymous to a crystal ball every sorcerer possesses and is actually quite powerful that way. It allows Dr. Strange the quality of being a soothsayer. Quite typically, we must add. But just as things are always amplified when it comes to Marvel, this orb of Agamotto can help Strange look into the future of other dimensions as well. Wow is the word.

4. The Wand Of Watoomb: As every magician is just incomplete without a wand, so would Dr. Strange be. WIth one of the most powerful wands in the universe, Dr. Strange is undefeatable. This wand has a special ability to protect the wielder by creating a shield against mystical attacks and also to absorb those attacks for better use. It also acts as an inter-dimensional key.

5. We’re afraid the wand may not look the same in the movie. Or if it would actually even feature. But yeah, some good-to-know info never harms.

6. The Book Of Vishanti: Written by the Vishanti (a group of magicians) the Book contains a lot of spells that help Dr. Strange be the master of magic. Said to be the weight of balance in favour of White / Good magic, the Book of VIshanti contains counterspells to all dark arts. The fascinating thing, however, is that this book is believed to be endless. That is, its pages just never run out. Now that is fascinating.

Bagged by this newfound knowledge might be quite empowering, right?

Now that you know quite a lot about this new MCU superhero, your next question would be that who would be the antagonist here.

While remains to remain a secret, and no confirmation in regards to that have yet been released.

We assume that it could be one of the student of the Ancient One who just wanders away, drunk in power. Speculations prevail as to whether the new character would be someone preexisting or someone who was just created for the movie. No matter who this villain is, the obscure nature it has around itself is thoroughly enticing.

Dr. Strange is all set to hit the screens this November.

So ready your wands, and practice your spells.

A new dimension of magic is about to unravel itself.

“By the ageless Vishanti”, we bid farewell!