Villains so cool that’ll make you go, “Heroes, who?”

You have watched them being beaten down to a pulp. You have watched them fall after a brief period of glory. You have hated them, you have loathed them. But you just cannot get enough of them.

They are the super villains. Without them, heroes have no purpose. Obviously, anyone can bring down that cat from the tree, or stop that burglar from getting away with his loot. You absolutely do not need a super soldier or a multi millionaire genius to stop such threats.

You need an exceptional hero, only in the presence of an exceptional supervillain.

And Marvel just seems to have the right bunch of the wrong guys. Guys so scary and gory and mercilessly bad that you will flinch at their mere mention.

So far, we have only fathomed the destruction Thanos will cause once he gets too close for comfort to this already dying planet. But this may come as a surprise that there exist other villains which are equally badass and so evil, that you’d love to hate them.

Here is a list of the baddest guys in town:

  1. Kang:
    Kang may seem to be the misfit in this list but if Kang would not make to this one, we wonder who could. He is the best to fit among the worst. He may have no superpowers, so to say of, but his “Time Travel” ability renders him invincible. With genius level intellect paired with the ability to travel time as and when he wishes to, he has enslaved humans time and again. He has disrupted more timelines than Flash (#SorryNoSorry DC). 
    And how could you possibly fight a man who has TIME under his control?! Now if that’s not scary, we don’t know what is?

2. The Chaos King:
And how cool would the class of villains get when they have the God of Evil by their side. Amatsu-Mikaboshi is a demon. A horrifying demon straight from the Easternmost corner of this planet-Japan. He has, by the way, destroyed Olympus and Zeus and created havoc after having absorbed Zeus and his abilities. His hunger for absolute power knows no bound whatsoever as he goes on to absorb powers of Gods known and unknown. Think you are powerful than Zeus, Avengers?
The main reason why he loves absorbing power is because he wants to gain so much power that he becomes a living symbol of power and so much power that chaos comes in which is a universal threat to everyone. The motive being regression to the abyss of darkness where the universe once belonged and that is where Amatsu-Mikaboshi ruled. Long story short, he is just what you’d call pure and unadulterated evil.

3. The Red Skull:
If you thought that Hitler’s terror ended with him, then Red Skull is every nightmare of yours come to flesh. He was selected by the guy who changed the face of the earth as we know it, Hitler, Red Skull is the face of absolute terror and dominance. He has this ardent urge to wipe the trace of humans from the countenance of this planet. He also has this weapon called “Dust of Death”. How cool is that to name a weapon?! It at least seems cooler than “Mjolnir”.

4. Mandarin:
The Mandarin you saw in Iron Man 3 may have not pleased you. The reason being that the actual reach of his powers was not shown. The comics however speak an entirely different story of the Mandarin. Mandarin, in the comic world, happens to get his powers from aliens. Yes, that’s right. He happened to stumble upon a group of aliens known as Makluan. Mandarin and his powers are at apogee when he knows about the Heart Of Darkness. This thing amplifies his abilities and makes him drunk on power so much so that he tries to create a world war between the superpower nations of earth.

5. The Marquis of Death:
This guy is so powerful that even Thanos himself would be intimidated in his presence. With time and space planted firmly in his control, he is able to travel through universes in the minutest fraction of a blink of an eye. He is so powerful that he could get the versions of Mr. Fantastic from different universes to fight against the one on earth. The Marquis of Death can also make the mighty Galactus fall to his knees begging for mercy, if that is what The Marquis of Death wants. Also, he is the one who taught Dr. Doom all that he knows. So if you thought that Dr. Doom was badass enough, you haven’t seen the real show yet.

Dr. Doom bowing down to The Marquis Of Death

6. Gorr The God-Butcher:
The name says it all. He is sure the one whom all Asgardians would try to evade. All he lives for is the abomination of all Gods that exist in this universe. His brute strength and mercilessness is what makes him all the more dangerous. One individual that is capable of taking down the gods as we know them scare the hell out of us. And then some more. 
Ahoy, all ye gods, for Gorr is hunting.

Asgardians beware. The Gorr is coming.

7. Null:
He is this innumerably eyed, innumerably tentacled creature that comprises of darkness and darkness alone. He is known to cause nightmares and spooky dreams in people so as to make them do things that they may, in their right minds, would not think of doing. Total destruction is all that he lives for and that is what makes him this scary cloud of nightmares. The kind of nightmare you’d never wish came true.

8. Onslaught:
This is what happens when two of the most formidable powers unite only to cause destruction and destruction alone. The collective powers of telepathy of Professor X and Magnetic properties of Magneto, Onslaught was born from the resulting darkness inside Eric and Charles. Soon, Onslaught became the living embodiment of psionic power. He is so powerful that he managed to separate Hulk from Bruce Banner. Onslaught had the perfect combination of telepathic and magnetic powers that helped him traverse through the universe at his will and if that wasn’t all, he has the ability to create minor universes. He surely seems to be someone you hope you never came across.

The marvel universe is full of superheroes with fantabulous powers, but their powers stand at bay when the magnitude of powers of these aforementioned super villains radiate in.

So Earthlings, you thought Thanos was the only one you need to fear?

Then you better think again.
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