New Research: Institutional Investments Likely to Increase over Next 5 Years

  • nearly half of respondents (47%) appreciate that digital assets are an innovative technology play
  • 46% find digital assets’ low correlation to other assets among the most appealing characteristic
  • Financial advisors (74%) and family offices (80%) view the characteristics of digital assets most favorably
Methodology: Greenwich Associates conducted the study on behalf of the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology between November 26, 2018 and February 8, 2019 including 441 institutional investors in the U.S.

What about allocations?

Nearly half of institutional investors see a place for digital assets in their portfolios

Signs of momentum

Institutional engagement is here

Security and safety are the most important considerations for institutional investors when choosing a digital assets custodian




Institutional Solutions for a new asset class.

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Fidelity Digital Assets

Fidelity Digital Assets

Institutional Solutions for a new asset class.

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