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The Suite just closed a partnership with HYPE for allowing its users to create and receive FREE the HYPE payment card** with a welcome bonus of 10€ + 1€* (free card activation). Verification is easy and you only need an ID card and a selfie!

HYPE is an italian fintech start-up founded in 2015. HYPE payment card is issued by Banca Sella and it’s already used by over 600.000 Italian costumers.

With this agreement, The Suite aims to ease the cashback process on its platform permitting users to receive their money back on their HYPE cards without paying any commission on Fidelity Suite platform. …

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We, The Suite team, are always working behind the scene and thinking on how to improve the Tokenomics with new features in order to be more user-friendly and taking in consideration user’s opinions. We finally came up with two changes to STK and SCT tokens:

The Team set the percentage of net profit to be shared among tokenholders at 30%.

This means that if Fidelity Suite products make a net profit of 10.000.000€, then 3.000.000€ will be shared through SCT to every tokenholders that will stake their STK on our platform/mobile app.

We believe that this percentage will help the growth of STK ecosystem, since supply is going to decrease and net profit to increase over time. …

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Dear community,

The Suite Team is happy to announce that Fidelity Suite MVP has been officially released on our website and it’s already a working product.

From today users will be able to receive or buy SCT and use them for redeeming prizes on our platform. The Team is working on offering the most various and useful catalog as possible, trying to fit every user need.

If you don’t find a particular product and you would like to see it added on Fidelity Suite website, then feel free to reach us on telegram/email or just fill this form <-

Keep in mind that every SCT have a fixed value and is backed-up by Euros (1 SCT = 0.05€), so SCT price will not fluctuate over time and won’t be affected by any market conditions. …

Dear Fidelity Suite Community,
I would like to thank you for the support that you showed recently. We took in consideration your suggestions and recently The team has been working on the MVP and contacting various exchanges for launching the STK IEO in the near future.
The MVP is intended to show you how Fidelity Suite platform should work, with basic features, showing how we intend to revolutionize the loyalty program ecosystem.

When the MVP will be officially released, we will be glad to hear your feedback and suggestions for improving it at the best.

I would also suggest, if you wish to be involved at the best in the project, to not miss the chance of acquiring STK tokens during private sale before going into IEO. …

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Dear Fidelity Suite Community,

The Suite team, after analyzing the ICO economic sphere, decided to bring its private sale to the next level and guarantee with a legal agreement the refund if our native token STK’s price will fall like many other blockchain projects out there.

STK private sale investors that will buy STK before the Soft Cap (fixed at 600.000$), will be eligible to receive the refund in case STK price will be lower that 0.12$ (private sale rate) after one year from our first exchange listing. …

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The 1st STK tokensale event is starting!

From today you can participate in the STK private sale, earn extra tokens and have a chance of winning the contest jackpot.

For every purchase, you will receive 5% extra STK tokens at the end of the contest.

At the same time for every 100 STK sold, 5 STK will be placed in the jackpot pool and distributed to the top 20 investors with the following criteria:

1st investor: 50% jackpot amount

2nd and 3rd: 15% jackpot amount each

4th-10th: 2% jackpot amount each

11th-20th: 0.6% jackpot amount each

Example: if soft cap is reached with 600.000$ raised (meaning 5M STK sold), then jackpot will be 250.000 STK and the above investors will win respectively: 125.000 STK, 37.500 STK, 5.000 STK, 1500 STK.

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The Suite is launching its official bounty program. Bounty hunters can apply after reading the rules here.

Bitcointalk Bounty Thread is:

Token Available for bounty: 6.66% of the STK sold. (Max 4.000.000 STK out of 60.000.000 available in ICO)

The Bounty campaign will last till the end of the ICO phase or after reaching hard cap.

The Suite will distribute awards among those who contribute to the bounty program goals after The Suite conducts a thorough review to assess quality and prevent abuse. This will occur no less than 2 weeks after the ICO ends.
- The Suite reserves the right to make amendments to the bounty program at any time.
- Consideration for award distribution will be based on reach, engagement, creativity, appropriateness, and general effectiveness in achieving bounty program goals.
- Certain bounty offers are restricted to eligible parties.
- Participants who deliver top results will be eligible for bonuses.
- The Suite reserves the right to remove stakes/participants from the bounty for any reason such as unethical behaviour and fraudulent submissions. …


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