Dear Future President

It’s not too late to tell the truth.

Sans secret service cop-out sleuth.

Your legacy may rise and fall;

But to tell the truth will outlast all.

Unless you choose the higher road,

Your anchor here will sink our load.

Why, they say, expect solid ground

When rewards for murders and lies abound?

So much for expecting better yet,

The “least evil” between’s a tossing bet.

Unless you choose the harder road,

Your road to redemption’s hardly towed.

You justify your stance, feel free,

Whilst red and blue bleed a common plea.

Your half-truth, hiding, hunker down

Is turning this race ‘to a circus clown.

Unless you choose the path of light,

Our future may blink fast in the night.

And though the stakes have cleared new height,

Our children now need our good night.

This nation indivisible under God

Is crumbling as it’s deeply flawed.

Unless you choose to walk away

From focus groups and PR campaigns.

At this point, the choice is between you —

Whoever decides to fully speak truth.

Not merely saying you are is enough,

But opening up and calling their bluff.

Unless you put your fears at bay,

Our fears will be surely used like prey.

We need your gifts, experience & clout;

But Citzens United has fostered doubt.

Are your good intentions paving the right path —

If they’re good at all? You do the math…

Unless you take a chance on us,

Making US great(er) will surely bust.