Pepsi unites with United as Flag Bearers of Corporate Destruction
Ezinne Ukoha

Greed ! Oh Almighty Greed ! That is what is eating at our hearts and brains. However, when we look at what the Mighty USA is doing around the world are we surprised ?

If the people behind the scene , who control the USA Government, and if the USA Government can ( as they have been doing for ages) get away with murdering millions of brown people ) then why shouldn’t the Oligarchs get their ‘treasure’ as well !

The newspapers,News magazines, and TV News lie to support the rotten, murdering country . Even my once fairly innocent country ( Canada ) has bought into USA Imperialism . Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau , whom I thought had more brain power than Donald Trump is now a Trump lackey .

The fear I live with daily, is it is all going to end badly when the mighty USA is forced to use Nuclear Power to stop those who would get in the way by wanting a fair share of available resources on which to live .

The only good thing about nuclear destruction is we will no longer have to turn off our TV so we won’t be driven crazy by Wolf Blitzer and his out of breath ranting to keep the USA and Israel wheels moving over our dead bodies !

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