I was told to go without internet for a DAY and it’s SO MUCH easier with someone else.

My poor laptop being neglected for most of the day.

“OH MY GOD! NO INTERNET FOR 24 HOURS! I’M. GOING. TO. DIE!!!”….is what I would say if I were addicted to the internet. Despite me going online on most days, let me tell you a secret: I’m really NOT that addicted to the internet. I only use the internet for a FEW hours on most days. You know why? It’s called: SOCIAL INTERACTION. If you told me to go out there ALONE…that would be a different story. Personally, I love talking to people. I actually met my boyfriend in real life. I did not meet him on Tinder like most young people today. Well, Thanks to him, going a day without the internet wasn’t so bad! The only thing that makes my day difficult without internet is the fact that I cannot do some personal things like checking my e-mails, researching on some information, finding funny videos, and checking the weather for the day. However, If those things were completely wiped out from my day, I don’t consider it a major problem. I’d just be REALLY BORED if I didn’t get a chance to go outside. I don’t depend on the internet like a life source. To prove it, I went for ONE day without the internet and I documented most of it!

You can either read my entry OR see my video for how my day went!

My documentary on what happened the day I didn’t use the internet for the day. This shows you can still do something even if the weather is HORRIBLE.

In the morning, I was groggy and I reached for my laptop..then I remembered, “Oh yeah…I can’t look at the weather like I did EVERY morning”….so I got up, looked out the window and was seriously disappointed to see that it was raining. I HATE going out on rainy days but if the internet is down, I have to. Waiting didn’t come easy to me either. I was literally bored out of my mind waiting for the rain to stop! So, I decided to bother my boyfriend by texting him and told him my situation. Let me make this clear: I’m NOT the type of girlfriend to WAIT for my boyfriend to text me first. I talk to him when I WANT to. So, we exchanged texts for an hour or two until the rain stopped and he invited me to come over and I did because it would be SO boring if I were alone all day.

When I came over that early afternoon, I was relieved to remember that nobody used internet in that house. So, there was no temptation to look at funny videos. Also, my boyfriend KNEW that I couldn’t go online today…so he was sweet enough to volunteer to do the same. He’s awesome! So, I got a chance to talk to my boyfriend and his cousin for a few hours — which made my non existent internet day SO MUCH easier. Unfortunately, his cousin had to go and told us that he FORGOT to walk the dog sooo…he asked US to do it. I loved their dog (She’s adorable!) BUT I didn’t want to get my 300 dollar shoes all MUDDY (Remember, it rained earlier that day). Out of nowhere, my boyfriend suggested that I use his boots. Even if his feet were WAY bigger than mine…I agreed to the idea. This was SOO much better than getting my precious shoes muddy PLUS I get to spend time with their lovely dog and get some exercise.

That’s where the walk began. At first it wasn’t so bad…I got to see my boyfriend play with the dog and I slowly got used to walking in oversized boots despite my socks falling off from the inside. However, NOTHING prepared me for the STEEP hills of Mount Albert that we had to climb. At that point I KNEW I was out of shape. While I was getting out of breath, I saw my boyfriend and the dog walk up there like it was NOTHING. I took so many breaks and that’s not even the WORST part. The worst part of it was when we were halfway up the hill, it started to RAIN…and the wind was as cold as ice! I was really starting to regret my decision..but I was still happy that my boyfriend was looking out for me the whole way.

After our soaking walk, we got down from the hill and I was super EXHAUSTED! We walked all the way back to his place and sat down by a fire but all I wanted to do was go home so that I could wear my warm clothes and go to sleep. So, I convinced my boyfriend to take a bus with me to my apartment. When we got there, I got dressed, hopped into bed, and took a LONG nap for a few hours. I was so happy to wake up refreshed and ready to do something else. I chatted with my boyfriend a little before I remembered..I have an essay due on Friday. I have my priorities…so I found a way to finish it WITHOUT the use of my internet. After that moment, nothing really happened. My boyfriend had to go home eventually and I was left alone. THANKFULLY there were only a few hours left until I’d go to sleep….I read a book I really liked until I felt so drowsy that I couldn’t stay awake. After all, I was really tired anyway. When I woke up the next morning, it was the END of my 24 hours with no internet.

Having no internet can be a piece of cake! Assuming that you have people to interact with in your life. I’m REALLY thankful that my boyfriend decided to do this ‘challenge’ with me. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have done very well without internet or even gone up that hill! Always remember that there is more to life than just funny videos or whatever is in cyberspace. Although I got WET, MUDDY, AND SUPER EXHAUSTED that day…I still enjoyed myself. Also, you’re never really alone. There will always be people out there, so why not try to interact with them face to face instead of a chatroom? Seems like a good plan to me when a blackout happens and the wifi is out! So develop those social skills and find someone worth spending time with when you absolutely CANNOT go online.

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