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“Granted, it would take a big program to eradicate poverty in the U.S. According to economist Matt Bruenig’s calculations, it would cost $175 billion.”

i have the solution to poverty (really, i do) but nobody wants it because it comes from a non-college educated piece of poverty stricken ragdoll trash like me.

honest: people do not want to solve poverty. and it’s because of all of those judgments (you’re a stupid person, fat, ugly, you smell bad, your genes are junk and you don’t know how to behave). people want to keep the down and out down and out because they’re garbage people (mind, body and soul).

when said people decide they’re ready to receive my solution, i will happily and freely give.

the solution makes poverty go away, not poverty people (something a lot of people wish for; death to poverty stricken people because when they cease to exist life is happier for those who aren’t poverty stricken).

the solution isn’t a program. it’s an economic formula, and that’s why it would work. it’s not a program.

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