We’re excited to share that FiftyThree will be joining WeTransfer! Paste™ and Paper® will be coming with us as part of the acquisition. Seven years ago we set out to build a suite of tools to unlock creative ideas. Today, we’re thrilled to connect that quest with WeTransfer’s aim to effortlessly transfer ideas between creative minds. (Press Release)

WeTransfer began in 2009 as a way for creative thinkers to effortlessly send large files around the world and has quickly grown to 42 million active users sharing one billion files every month. …

We founded FiftyThree with the belief that people are their best when they create and that great technology should amplify our creativity rather than squander it. Among all of the noise and cynicism that sap our attention today, lies a space to create: the 53 cm that link head, heart, and hand.

Paper® and Paste™, focus on what’s essential — creating environments for individuals and teams that allow great ideas to flow.

For us, this started with Paper our immersive sketching app for capturing ideas anywhere. Over 25 million people have found their personal creative space in Paper sketching wireframes…

In December, we started a new subscription program called Paper Patron. The program allowed our users to optionally support the ongoing development and improvement of our software. We asked the Paper community to consider a twice-yearly subscription charge of $5.99 USD (every six months). And several people decided to subscribe.

Paper is still completely free to use. All of the previous Paper features are available to everyone.

To thank those who’ve become Patrons, we’re releasing an exclusive feature available only to subscribers: copy and paste a selected region to other pages. This is available in Paper 3.6.8.

Each time…

Creativity of all forms steadily bubbles here at FiftyThree, especially among the team members that work on our product suite. Eric Rockey is no exception. When he’s not working as part of FiftyThree’s product team, he doubles as an accoladed filmmaker. His latest short, Pink Boy, is an award-winning, intimate window into the life of a young transgender girl growing up in conservative rural Florida.

Within just 15 minutes, Eric captures the tender beauty found in creative expression and gender identity as explored by six year old Jessie and her lesbian mothers, BJ and Sherrie. Be sure to check out…

London-based painter and digital artist

“Stanford and Me” depicts Lisa’s arrival at Stanford University as an undergrad. If you look closely, there’s a tiny figure in the archway, an indication of how small she felt upon initially arriving.

As a child, Lisa Cirenza’s parents told her she wasn’t allowed to become an artist. She dutifully attended Stanford University and immersed herself in science and technology, a segment of academia often mislabeled as “left brain” and “unimaginative.” But Lisa was quick to uncover the abundant creativity that lurks within these fields, and began experimenting with digital drawing long before formal tools were widely available.

Welcome to Paper 3.6, an update with key new features that make it faster and easier than ever to find and view your work.

Find Work Faster With The New Sidebar

Greetings from FiftyThree! The team here is always on the lookout for eye-catching creations, and we’re excited to share some of our recent favorites.

Say Yes To The Dress

The latest Paper update is here! Don’t miss these two additions to simplify your workflow.

Smart Text Formatting

Text formatting in Paper just got smarter. With Version 3.5, Paper will automatically center text when you start typing; press return and the text will left justify. Whether you’re making a presentation or to-do list, no need to think about formatting. Paper now does it for you.

Swipe to change text styles as usual:

Join the 2016 dance train!
Join the 2016 dance train!
Join the 2016 dance train!

Happy 2016! To start the year off right, we put together these fun and beautiful sketches by the Paper community for your viewing pleasure. From colorful patterns to a joyful dance train led by graphic designer Joey Gao, you make Paper merry and bright all year round.

Patterns That Pop

Switch your wallpaper to one of these eye-catching patterns. Click here to see more community-designed iPad wallpapers.


Makers of the award-winning Paper, the beautiful app for getting ideas down, and Paste the collaboration tool for fast moving teams.

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