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As you may have seen, Microsoft has announced its intention to acquire inXile and Obsidian. We are thrilled for these two amazing studio partners of ours, and for the Microsoft family. We are proud to have worked with these two studios to help fund, develop and publish inXile’s Wasteland 3 and Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity II through

For those who invested in the Fig Game Shares for these games, nothing changes to your shares as a result of this transaction. If and when the acquisitions complete, the licensing contracts will continue to persist unchanged and we expect they will be transferred to Microsoft or kept with the studios, depending on how the acquisitions are structured. Our contracts with developers anticipate that studio acquisitions like these may occur. In addition, inXile has stated that the development of Wasteland 3 will continue after the acquisition. …

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The Next Official Sequel to Starflight is Here!

Originally published in 1986 by Electronic Arts, Starflight defined the sci-fi RPG genre for video games with its unique sandbox game play. Starflight went on to be the first PC game in history to go platinum, selling over a million copies, followed by its award-winning sequel, Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula.

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Check out what some familiar faces throughout the industry say about the Starflight series:

Last year was a milestone year for Fig! In addition to heavy-hitting campaigns like Pillars of Eternity II and Phoenix Point, we also saw our first games come to market, and paid out our first investor returns. From the very beginning, a core part of our vision has been to bring gamers, investors and developers together to support and continue to promote games even after their crowdfunding campaigns succeed. Additionally, we have sought to provide more transparency to video game publishing and give the community the opportunity to share in the success of the projects they support. …

November has come and gone and we are so thankful to work with such talented developers! Here’s what they’ve been up to this month:

Currently live on Fig, Obelus by Springloaded is about an insurance salesman named Dave who travels the galaxy in a mech trying to reach the last few uninsured members of humanity. If you could travel around in a mech, what would it look like? Design or build your own mech and win some Steam codes and a Fig t-shirt! Check out our previous blog post for details on how to enter. …

Happy Halloween! We’re wrapping up another busy month as we unwrap Halloween candy and cram it into our faces. This month was filled with ups and downs, lots of work and lots of fun, too! Let’s start by checking out some of the developer updates from this month:

Earlier this month, we attended PAX West in Seattle, where Swery hosted a panel to announce The Good Life campaign! If you weren’t able to see the panel in person, you can catch it on Twitch.

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At the MIX indie game showcase during PAX we showed off Bounty Battle, Trackless, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Kingdoms and Castles, and KnightOut. Lots of people came out to play these awesome games, and Trackless was chosen as Best of Show runner up! Congrats to the developer!

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September was a productive month for our current campaigns as well as games in development. …

It’s our anniversary! This month marks two years since Fig launched its first campaign and we have some highlights to share with you, plus some info about upcoming events!

  • We published our first game, Kingdoms and Castles, and used all the marketing data we’ve accumulated to help make it commercially successful, earning investors a 2X return.
  • Bounty Battle, a Super Smash Bros. inspired fighting game, was just funded this month and features main characters from other indie games such as Darkest Dungeon, Awesomenauts, Psychonauts, Guacamelee!, Nuclear Throne, Axiom Verge, Gang Beasts and more!
  • Our newsletter now has more than 100,000 subscribers! …

July has been a super busy month here at Fig! Not only have we launched a couple of brand new campaigns, we’ve also hit a HUGE milestone. This month we released not just one, but TWO Fig-funded games! Kingdoms and Castles from Lion Shield and Solstice Chronicles: MIA by Ironward are now available for purchase! Congrats to both Lion Shield and Ironward for the launch of their games!

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We still have a TON of games in development — here are the updates that have been posted for the month of July, did you miss any of these?

I first fell in love with video games when I was 8. That was when my dad brought home an Apple IIe. I loved the fact that I could write a program, and this story would come out the other side. It was a landscape of endless possibility — at least it felt that way to me when I was in third-grade.

The first game I ever programmed was “Snow Wars.” To learn how role playing games worked, I hacked into games like “Ultima,” “The Bard’s Tale,” and “King’s Quest.” …

A new way to support developers with final polish, localization, marketing and fees for platforms like Steam Direct

At Fig, we’re continually looking for opportunities to remove the barriers to entry for developers to unleash their creativity through games. That’s why we’re psyched to announce the Fig Finishing Funds!

As of today, and through the end of the year, Fig is committing up to $500,000 to help developers overcome two hurdles in crossing the finish line to a successful game launch — including fees to access publishing platforms such as Steam Direct and building fan awareness through paid marketing.

Here’s how the Fig Finishing Fund works: for each developer who attracts 1,000 or more backers for a campaign that succeeds on Fig, we will guarantee at least $20,000 of Fig Funds from the investment side of the campaign — sourced from our network of investors or Fig itself. Developers will be able to use these funds to finish their games, support more languages, and defray the costs of distribution — such as the fees that will be charged by Valve’s new Steam Direct program (set to come online this Spring). Valve hasn’t yet determined how much it will charge developers, but it has estimated that fees will range from $100 to as much as $5,000. Investments from the Fig Finishing Fund are intended to help developers cover these costs so they can spend their money on completing their games. …



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