10 things you have to know about MMA

In 1993, during a meeting between fighters, producers and directors, one of the most known fighting organizations in the world — the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)— has began. At that time, it was made with “no rules”. Although, the fact of having only a few exceptions — like biting — made fighting events never be the same again. Since then, after a couple decades, many things have changed, as many fighters have risen and fallen in glory. And we made an even more glorious list of curiosities about the fastest growing sport in the world: the MMA.

“There is no biting. We are men not animals.“ - Rorion Gracie

#1 — The first UFC fight lasted less than 30 seconds

It was a rumble between martial arts to prove which one was the best. The very first fight put a Savate fighter, Gerard Gordeau, against a Sumo wrestler, Teila Tuli — there weren’t weight classes back then. It was not a surprise that a head kick knocked Teila Tuli out — needless to say that some of his teeth had seen better days.

#2 — Muhammad Ali fought MMA once.

The fight happened against the Japanese wrestler Kanji “Antonio” Inoki back in 1976. Let’s not consider it “the fight of the century”, but some good money was involved and helped to improve the sport’s excitement. They’ve agreed in some exceptional rules — which gave advantage only to Ali, again, bucks were at stake: Kanji couldn’t kick above the waistline.

And that’s it. Ali had his legs slaughtered and only landed 5 punches. The fight ended in a draw after 45 minutes.

#3 — The first UFC draft involved alligators and electric fences

Not even remotely related

You might have heard this before, and I’m sure you thought it was bogus — except that it wasn’t. The promoters wanted the ring to be made of electric fences and alligators around it — WWE could use it though. It didn’t reach the final event, as the doctors were really nervous with the idea of feeding alligators live on pay-per-view.

Who cares about how many belts the guy’s got… how many ass-whoopings can he take?- Quentin “Rampage” Jackson

#4 — Ronda Rousey is fast! (like really fast)

In the UFC 190, Ronda Rousey’s title defense against Bethe Correia, Rousey threw 32 strikes — of which at least 19 didn’t even touch Bethe’s guard — in a fight that lasted 27 seconds. That’s 1.18 strikes thrown per second. A stunning display of both speed and significance.

#5 — Theodore Roosevelt would’ve loved today’s MMA

The 26th president of United States was a boxer at his younger days — and even a wrestler! But the best achievement is that he was the first American to receive a judo brown belt. And he was not afraid to show his skills and actually lined training mats in White House’s basement.

#6 — UFC 100 — Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir sold a lot!

Pay-per-view sales have a really good numbers for itself. The event with the most pay-per-view sales was UFC 100, the main event had Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir — 1,600,000 sales. Imagine the amount of money they got as profit. Lesnar got to win by TKO, Mir got a busted face. There was even a hotsite for the event, and you can still check it out at http://100.ufc.com/

#7- The writer of Conan, The Barbarian is responsible for the octagon

It was John Milius’ idea to use the octagon-shaped ring in the early days of UFC. His connection to the event provided interest and investors at the beginning of the company. Other rumors tell that the octagon idea came from a Chuck Norris film — The Octagon (1980). Both badasses concepts. Anyway, the first one to use an octagon-shaped ring was the event Cage Rage, the UFC was the first to copyright its measures and everything.

#8 — Until July 6, 1997, there was no rule against messing with the opponent’s genitals.

And that’s exactly what Gary Goodridge did to Pedro Otavio at Vale Tudo Championship. Without any care, he grabbed his opponent’s testicles — squeezed like he mean it — and then rained strikes at him.

#9 — Twice is a charm.

At WEC 35, in August, 2008, Brian Bowles defeated Damacio Page with a guillotine choke at 3:30 from the first round. Just to do it again, the same guillotine choke at 3:30 from the first round, except it was at UFC on Versus 3, in March, 2011.

#10 — There’s no limit to losses.

Kenneth Allen is the holder of the worst card — ever. He has one victory — by submission btw — , and 37 losses. This makes you think: how much are you willing to give to do what you love, huh?

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