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Misinformation and Misdirection is a problem that everyone faces even at a deep, subconscious level.

  • Fact checking articles are exploding, journalists and fact checkers are slow doing quality work,
  • People get misguided in both the US and French elections,
  • Macedonian teenager quits college to focus on writing false news so he can earn more than both of his parents, 
  • 42% of people say that they don’t trust news on Facebook because “it hasn’t done a good job of curbing fake news.”
  • Germany approves a plan to fine social media companies up to 50 million Euros, every single day, if they fail to remove fake news posts.

We don’t need fake-or-not machines to label for us, what is fake, what is satire and what is extremely biased. 
This doesn’t work on a human level.
At the same time, we cannot prevent the creation of fake news or propaganda. We have to reduce the spreading time of any hoax!

We need to educate people.
We need to equip everyday people with powerful and easy-to-use tools.

At we are really passionate about solving problems that societies face, such as mass misinformation! We get feedback and collaborate directly with the best, in order to deliver the greatest experience possible!

These people pictured, were the pioneers who brought the Internet to Asia and India, who contributed to the very first Internet protocols! They have seen everything! They are the Internet Society Hall of Fame-rs, who got excited about the promising solution of FightHoax.

Internet Hall of Fame 2017, UCLA — @Tsutsumida

FightHoax is the World’s First Artificial Intelligence-Powered Algorithm that analyzes at a text-level, every aspect of any news article.
Imagine activities that professional journalists perform in days, to be done within seconds!

FightHoax gives anyone the power to fact check any news article, in seconds, without the need of professional journalistic skills.

No more Googling about who the author of the article is,
No more Googling to find out the background and reputation of the news source,
No more Googling to find out related article so you get a more rounded perspective on the topic,
No more Googling in order to find out if the article that you have just read, is trusted, a satire or just a hoax.

You can find the list with every innovative feature of FightHoax, here

Collaborations with the National News Agency of Greece, the European Parliament, various educational institutions and newsrooms will help us bring this promising technology to (1) journalists/content checkers, in order to create quality content and make researches faster, for everyone .
We are already in talks with various Governments around the world, in order to freely bring the FightHoax tool to (2) everyday people .

Building critical thinking skills is a must for every 2.0 Citizen!

The time is now, we shall not remain silent!

Internet Hall of Fame 2017, UCLA — @Tsutsumida

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