There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’.
Alison Macrina

Very brave of you, Alison. I hope you’re doing okay through all the backlash. My thinking right now is that when people get offended at calls for more diversity in the tech fields, this is one reason we should tell them it’s needed. More perspectives and experiences informing various decision-making processes can only make an organization, company, or movement stronger, and when any one group is, for any reason, in a minority of the whole, their experiences are easier to invalidate and dismiss, leading to situations where poor behavior by members of the group is easier to cover up or ignore. And that of course allows the behavior to propagate in the shadows. I’m sorry this has been difficult to break the silence about and that there’s been backlash against it, but I’m glad you and the other people who were affected have had the courage to speak up about it and that a number of people and organizations around you are doing the right thing in declaring themselves your allies. Stay strong and deal that worldsuck a good old-fashioned punch to the jaw.

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