Daily Journals

What are they and why do we write them?

Recently in Fightbean we are teenagers once again.

Do you remember when you were in high school and that guy finally spoke to you? After the initial hysteria and screams of joy, you wrote it down in your diary (yes boys, we are talking to you too).

Perhaps we do not feel that same sense of joy when we receive an email from a client, but one thing is now bringing us closer to our fourteen-year-old-selves.

It has been several weeks since we decided to start writing a new, very personal, absolutely (not) top-secret diary at work. It’s probably missing the Backstreet Boys pictures, but that doesn’t change the situation: each day, at the end of the working day, we take some time to gather our thoughts together.

Why write a diary?

a) First of all, because we are getting older and older: we all dream of going back to high school.

b) We are suffering the consequences of point a. Sometimes, especially after a couple of days, we forget particular details of a phone call, or we find ourselves confused during the morning stand up meeting.

This is why we came up with the idea of keeping a Daily Journal: so that we can have a personal moment all for ourself, where we can rearrange our thoughts and ponder over the finished and the unfinished tasks. Moreover, this is how we get the chance to share with our team (and most importantly with our Project Manager) the essential points of the day, without overlooking either the positive or the negative aspects.

How the Daily Journals work

Each Diary is divided according to the day and the person, using the ‘Messages’ feature of Teamwork — the software that we use for the other Project Management activities at Fightbean. We often use tags that let us know at first sight which projects our colleagues are working on during the day.

Another useful feature is the opportunity to attach additional documents to your own diary, making it very easy to recover the project material. However, the most important thing is that the reader has some context related to the document.

Obviously, each person working in Fightbean is facing this new routine in their own personal manner:

Silvia, Frontend developer
Matteo, Co-founder & Creative director
Mattia, UI designer
Luigi, frontend developer
Federica, Co-founder & UX designer
Franceska, UX designer
Noemi, Project manager

In conclusion, we can safely say that our (not-very) secret diaries are quite useful for three reasons:

1 -
To reorganise and think differently about our daily tasks.
2 -
To share more effectively the ups and downs of the projects, creating a common “knowledge base”.
3 -
To create a repository of contextualised notes that we are not brave enough to upload on Google Drive, but that we don’t want to lose.

If you too, have decided to keep up with this teenage routine in your working day, let us know!

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook or write us an email at hello@fightbean.it

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