Pauline Nordin, Founder of Fighter Diet

Learn to Love the Iron

Learn to love the iron. It’s your only tool to transfer your inner lean, chiseled you from your mind to your surface. With the constant work you’ll learn about life, about you, about your feelings, your drive and your desires. It’s exercise for the soul. You’ll find struggles and challenges, you’ll overcome them all, you’ll have to find ways around your obstacles, face dilemmas and catch 22's, and even though you periodically will wish it was all an easy road to walk without turning around or having to take a path less traveled, you’ll soon be thankful for the wisdom and education. There’s a sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction to gain from commitment.

You see, this, it’s not something you’re forced to do. You choose it not because it’s continuous fun, remember, all worth fighting for will require your full dedication and perseverance, but because you put your mind into it. Putting your body through the daily ritual of training, dieting by mastering your mind is rewarding. It’s rewarding when you sign the contract with yourself and execute it.
I know you all ask me how soon can you get there, how long time do you need to stick to it, but the answer is I don’t know. You see, when you forget about how many days you’ve been going strong, how many weeks you’ve been conscious about the consequences of your habits and decisions, when it has become who you are and what you’re about, that’s when you’re suddenly entering the zone where you feel whole, looking at it all a bit from above, and as you find yourself there, you’ll have that body you started to sculpt since you had a dream and a goal.

Enjoy the process.