Expansive as the seven seas, deep as a puddle

I had such high hopes for Sea of Thieves. After playing at previews and closely following the development, I really thought it would turn out great. My only fear was that the player base might not be as big as it needs to be. Thankfully, the player base is still healthy, probably because of the new Xbox Game Pass. The rest of the game, however, is not.

Much like real piracy, Sea of Thieves is a lot more fun in theory than in practice. You can see the time and effort that has gone into it, but it comes at…

Donate $40 to unlock a clever subtitle

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Crowdfunding is a challenge. In theory, it allows consumers to directly contribute to the projects they’re likely to use and make developing projects easier for both consumer and producer; in practice, it can quickly become hostile, inefficient and disappointing. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have given us gems like Shovel Knight, Superhot and FTL: Faster Than Light, but they’ve also produced titles such as Mighty No. 9 that received more lukewarm responses, and more often than not, games that fail to ever actually appear (remember Clang? Yeah).

There are a multitude of reasons for this, not least being that creators…

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

It’s been a decade since Rare was the primary developer on a non-Kinect game, and it’s been almost 18 years since one of those games was good, which is why so much is riding on its next major release, Sea of Thieves. The game is a multiplayer, open-world pirate adventure, which is already a fantastic premise, and from what I’ve seen at PAX Australia, it looks set to finally redeem Rare’s reputation.

Sea of Thieves puts players on a classic 17th century ship with maps and some basic tools, and sets them off to do whatever they feel like. This…

Not a Daud in my mind

The title alone is enough to sell Dishonored: Death of The Outsider to fans of Arkane’s Dishonored series. The Outsider has spent the last two and a half games manipulating events and taunting players with his omniscience, and this is an opportunity to take revenge. The Outsider is the logical end-point in a series that has always been about methodically working one’s way through a hierarchy of power, so in theory it’s the perfect capstone to an incredible series. In practice, however, it starts to stumble over its own ambition.

Players take control of Billie Lurk, a former assassin who…

Is the Nintendo Switch the final nail in the coffin for dedicated portable gaming?

Portable gaming has been around for a long time, and has given us some fantastic moments in game history. Super Mario Land, Pokémon and the Tamagotchi all owe their existence to portable gaming devices, and there is no doubt they hold a place in many gamers’ hearts. However, as smartphones, tablets and laptops become more prevalent and the Nintendo Switch combines portability with home console advantages, it’s quite easy to wonder whether portable gaming has a future and if so, what that future holds.

The Nintendo Switch is an excellent console by all accounts, but its much-advertised portability is seeing…

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