An interview with Pheo and Derminator

*Originally posted on our blog on July 8, 2015

Two of the most thoughtful and respected contributors to the Figure 1 community, @Pheo and @Derminator, also happen to be husband and wife. They attended medical school together before branching off into radiology and dermatology (and tying the knot). We sat down with them to learn more about their lives on and off Figure 1.

How did you learn about Figure 1?

Pheo: Jake, a friend of ours, texted us a link to it since he thought we’d like it. I didn’t download it and basically forgot about it.

Derminator: I downloaded it, and thought it was right up our alley. Then I browsed a lot of radiology cases because I wanted him to like it, sent him some good ones, and he was hooked.

What do you each like most about your specialty?

Pheo: In radiology, you have to know enough about each subspecialty in medicine to be able to hold a somewhat intelligent conversation about most diseases. Like a lot of the posts on Figure 1, diagnostic radiology is just gathering information- not only imaging, but patient history and demographics, and trying to assemble that into something useful.

Derminator: It’s very gratifying because when patients get better, they can see the improvement. I like the instant gratification of making patients happy and feel better about themselves. On the other side of things, chronic skin disease can make patients miserable and really affect their overall health. Recognizing this can really make a difference.

Who spends more time on Figure 1?

Derminator: I have more comments. I don’t know what that means.

Pheo: She does.

Derminator: But he posts more images than me.

Pheo: I think it’s easier for radiologists to post images than it is for those in different specialties. Our job is already in pictures on a computer. We just have to find good images and crop the name and date.

Derminator: It’s easier for me to comment because there’s such a high volume of dermatology cases posted.

Do you use Figure 1 together?

Pheo: She’ll point out good dermatology cases to me, but I don’t really understand them.

Derminator: And then I just roll my eyes. Pretty typical interaction between us.

Pheo: In all seriousness though, using Figure 1 together is a nice reminder that even though a case may seem easy or obvious to me, it’s not going to be that way for everyone, and maybe it only seems obvious because this is what I do for a living. Not everyone is a radiologist, and using Figure 1 with someone else is a good way for me to gauge the level of radiology knowledge among other medical professionals.

When you aren’t practicing medicine, how do you like to spend your time?

Pheo: I watch a lot of movies.

Derminator: I watch Pheo watch a lot of movies. And I bake a mean cupcake.

Pheo: I don’t use the word epic lightly but… epic.

If you only knew one another as Derminator and Pheo on Figure 1, how would you describe each other?

Pheo: Derminator who?

Derminator: Wow, that poster has a temper.

Pheo: I’m just a staunch believer in evidence-based medicine.