Sinoti Iosua: “POC Perspective,” lyrics

Now this is a story all about how this girls gonna teach you something somehow

Now I’d like to take a moment so just listen here cuz we’re gona learn something better than Shakespeare

In my adolescent days when I used to be cool
We read about the white folks that saved all the fools
Travelin, conquerin, pushing & shoving out
Cultural practices & traditional routes

When I grew up & flipped through the history books
I noticed a lot of people didn’t have my looks
I thought what’s wrong with me why’m I brown & not fair
They said your underrepresented in this flawed system affair.

I took college classes back-to-back all day,
But I wasn’t ready for the knowledge put on display
They reminisced this and exposed sugar coated misses
I put it all together & said hey there’s somethings missing

One-sided view perspective this is bad
Missing out on stories told from their dad’s dad

Is this what we’re accepting as curriculum?
Hmm, I’m not gonna succumb

But wait a minute I thought that we helped them
Win all these wars but pretend to befriend them
I’ll let it go
It happened in the past
POC’s rising like a speaker on full blast

I learned of kapwa the meaning its derivative
It means togetherness, shared identity the narrative

This little island on the map with the blueprints
Has raised such powerful & loyal descendants

Entitlement’s irrelevant they think they’re so proficient
Teaching silver spoons respect like it’s a new religion
Reinforcing gratitude civility’s important
Minority teachers, respect, they’re of the best assortment

Before we wrap it up I think it’s pretty clear
The voices our choices echo into the atmosphere
Let’s lead with kindness
And put it all behind us
That’s all the time I had, this experience was priceless

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