Our outdated school schedules are hurting working parents
Casey Quinlan

None of the proposed solutions are systemic in nature; so they’ll all end up making things worse in the long run. The article is basically about how people can be encouraged to be even more frantic, more “productive,” more like automata. Work more to buy more to stimulate the economy more to grow more. Bollocks.

Keeping parents away from their kids — which is the inevitable outcome here — will only hasten societal collapse.

Here’s an idea: basic income. It fixes many social woes. It will give parents an opportunity to work less instead of more, and give them more time to spend as a responsible parent.

Here’s another idea: abandon this senseless hyper-individualism and recognize that the causal link between successful individuals and successful societies runs in both directions. Take action that increases the success of a society as a whole (systemically), and you will increase the well-being of its members as a result. Stop thinking of school (or work for that matter) as a crisply demarcated “black box” in which only learning (working) happens and outside of which virtually no learning (working) happens. “School” is everywhere and everywhen. So is “work.” Design your towns accordingly. Design your society accordingly. Everyone will benefit in the long run.

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